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Lecture 7 Miscellaneous Parts Hong, You DGU 1.

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1 Lecture 7 Miscellaneous Parts Hong, You Pyo @ DGU 1

2 Youpyo Hong @ DGU Clock Generation External Clock Source  Crystal Needs R/C connection. Compact and cheap.  Oscillator Needs power supply connection only. Simple but bulky and expensive. Internal Clock Generation  PLL/DLL Can generate high frequency clock signals from external clock PLL (Phase Locked Loop) : Analog DLL (Digital Locked Loop) : Digital 2 NCGND CLKVCC PLL/DLL Ext. Clock 100MHz 10MHz 1 GHz

3 Youpyo Hong @ DGU CPU Requirement of Clock Clock signal must meet some requirement. 3 symbolparameter V CC = 2.7~5.5VV CC = 4.5~5.5V unit minmaxminmax 1/t CLCL frequency08016MHz t CLCL Clock period12562.5ns t CHCX High period5025ns t CLCX Low period5025ns t CLCH Rising time1.60.5ms t CHCL Falling time1.60.5ms

4 Youpyo Hong @ DGU Reset Circuit Most control-related registers must be reset for a digital system before normal operaion. Power reset : occurs when the power supply voltage drops below the threshold Manual reset : done by user-switch 4

5 Youpyo Hong @ DGU Time Constant 5 The time that the voltage of the top of the capacitor passes 63.2% of the power supply voltage. Determined by R and C values. Ex.) R = 10kohm, C=100nF

6 Youpyo Hong @ DGU LED and Switch 6

7 Youpyo Hong @ DGU Resistor Carbon resistor 7

8 Youpyo Hong @ DGU Other Resistors Array resistors Variable resistors Chip resistors 8 88

9 Youpyo Hong @ DGU Capacitor 9 Electrolytic capacitor :– symbol for negative node. Ceramic capacitor: No polarity. Tantal capacitor: Long lifetime and less leackage current. Long leg is for + node. Chip capacitor  683 = 68 x 10 3 [pF] = 0.068 [  F]

10 Youpyo Hong @ DGU Diode LED White band : cathod(-), other side : anode (+) Vulnerable with heat so be careful with soldering 10 Symbol Short leg anode (+), long leg cathod (-) Narrow leg anode (+), wide leg cathod (-) + -

11 Youpyo Hong @ DGU Switch 11  DIP switch  Toggle switch  Power on/off  Tact switch  reset

12 Youpyo Hong @ DGU Socket and Connector Socket : Protects IC from the damage caused by soldering Connector Header Pin : to monitor signals TP : test point Jumper : select connect/disconnect 12

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