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VISION “To foster fellowship and camaraderie among GGCers using Sports as a ministry of evangelism and glorifying God”

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2 VISION “To foster fellowship and camaraderie among GGCers using Sports as a ministry of evangelism and glorifying God”

3 MISSION “To Spearhead sports ministry in each organizations in GGC and its satellite/sister churches to fulfill 2008’s theme “Follow me as I follow Christ “

4 Theme: GGBL 2008 OUTREACH CUP Organizer: GGC SMIA (Sports Ministry in Action) Start Date: June 8, 2008- Aug 17, 2008 Time: 2-5pm or 5pm – 9pm Venue: Arellano gym

5 Objective of 2008 GGBL OUTREACH CUP 1.Each team is required to recruit two (2) Non- Christian as one of its 12-15 maximum players 2.100% exposure to all 12-15 players in uniform and seated in the bench using the 5minute compulsory playing time per player per HALF. 3.April 27 deadline of submission of registered players 4.April 28 General meeting to finalize whether to go drafting (if no Non Christian) or to form by team (if the Non C is present). 5.Fund raising by each team with partial subsidy by GGC (amount to be determine during the April 28 meeting)

6 Participating teams Brigade (TL-Bobbins Lim)- GGC Choir (TL-Darren Go)- GGC North (TL-Pastor Edu To) –for confirmation Friday Ministry Fellowship (TL-David Tanchi) Teens Fellowship (TL-Wesley Whang) Youth Fellowship (TL-Kelvin Ramirez) Young Pro Fellowship (TL-Wayne Whang) Grace Adults F/ship (TL-Robert Hui)

7 GGBL Officials Commisioner/Technical Committee: Bro Mike Tolentino GGBL Consultant: Pastor Gary Visitacion (Davao) GGBL Adviser: Rev Dr David C Go

8 ELIGIBILITY OF PLAYER/UNIFORMS A player must turn fifth teen (15) years old on 2008 for him to join the league. Ex Pro/Commercial players must have been INACTIVE in order to play – meaning they have not joined any commercial A & B leagues for the last FIVE (5) years (beginning from May 25, 2003 up to May 25, 2008) for them to be allowed to join. official logo of SMIA and GGBL) should be use during the game. A PLAYER WITH INCOMPLETE UNIFORM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY NO WAVER WILL BE ENTERTAINED BY THE OFFICIALS.In the event that a team violates this rule, that game will be forfeited in favor of the other team.

9 GAME TIME Game time will be strictly followed. Please refer to the official schedule of games issued by GGBL. A fifteen (15) minute grace period will be given for each team to produce at least Five (5) players on the court. In the event during the fifteen (15) minute grace period the team that completes Five (5) players and are ready to play, the game should start right away. But if the fifteen minute grace period lapses,that game will be declared default in favor of the other team that is ready to play.

10 Sharing Beginning and Opening prayer by opposing team to be decided before the game 8-minutes max sharing during halftime by each team’s representative Possible distribution of tract during halftime

11 DEFAULT A team that has not produced at least Five (5) players on the court or had been declared DEFAULT during their official game will be charged by GGBL for that particular game. A default fee of Five Hundred Pesos (P 500.00) will be charged and must be paid at least forty-eight (48) hours before the team's next official game. Unable to settle this amount, the team will not be allowed to play and will be considered default on their next official game. A team that has committed two (2) official default games will automatically be disqualified to continue the league.

12 TECHNICAL FOULS Any Player or Coaching Staff that has been ejected from the game due to two (2) technical fouls or just plainly been ejected from the game by the officials will also be meted with a One (1) game suspension and fine of P500, to be served and paid on the teams next official game or player cannot play. LEAGUE ORGANIZERS WILL RIGHT AWAY REVIEW THE CASE WHETHER TO LET THE PEOPLE CONCERN CONTINUE TO BE PART OF THE TOURNAMENT. The Office of the Commissioner has the right to call the attention of any player or coaching staff that has been meted with one game suspension, to be accompanied by his pastor or spiritual leader.

13 LEAGUE'S PASS Players should attend at least two (2) church activities (i.e. worship service, bible study, prayer meeting, etc.) in a month for him to be allowed to continue to play in the league (one per week preferably, Sunday worship service. Others will be replacement in emergency and special cases). Team representatives to the Technical Committee should monitor and give regular report to the commissioner regarding the status of the player.

14 WITHDRAWAL If a team decides to withdraw during the course of the conference they should inform the GGBL board through its Commissioner at least Forty-eight (48) Hours before the teams next official game. Unable to give official notice the team will be charged with a DEFAULT.

15 SPORTSMANSHIP Team discipline and good behavior of players, coaching staff, and most of all, team followers shall be the joint responsibility of all coaches and team managers. During free throws, the opposing team and its followers are expected to be silent. No "booing" is allowed. Cheer for your team only. Harassment and other un-Christ-liked behaviors are greatly discouraged.

16 Any player who instigates a fight during a game will automatically be ejected from the game and will be suspended for one game. A second offense will result in being banned from the tournament, with a possibility of not being allowed to play in any BAP sanctioned leagues.In case of fighting, any player leaving the bench will be suspended for the next game. A team that walks-out in any ongoing official game will be declared default by the technical committee WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF BEING SUSPENDED FOR SIX (6) MONTHS TO ONE (1) YEAR IN ALL GGC SANCTIONED LEAGUES.

17 TECHNICALITIES The LEAGUE COMMISSIONER ARE DUTY BOUND TO STOP THE GAME IN THE EVENT THE SITUATION CALLS FOR IT (i.e. players starting to have second motions or offensive reaction to the calls of the referees, players or coaching staff pointing or shouting at the referees, or becomes unruly with his/her behavior, etc.).

18 Table Officials, Game referees reserve the right NOT to entertain questions while the game is in progress. Questions and clarifications will be entertained only after each dead ball situation and only the team captain or the coach is allowed. The tournament organizer, GGBL Advisory Board, reserves the right to check, verify, reject any application for registration, even disqualify a team during the course of the conference for any eventuality that would jeopardize the success of the league. The tournament organizer, GGBL Advisory Board, reserves the right to change/adjust the rules, format at anytime in the best interest of the league

19 The tournament rules shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of the Federation of International Basketball (FIBA)/SBP.

20 2 Tf = counselling. No c=no play. p500 1 st Unsporstmanslike foul- counselling. No counselling= no play, p500 each 2 nd offense = 1 game suspension+counselling 3 rd offense= 2 game suspension 4 th offense= ban for 1 year

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