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WINTER BASKETBALL Rules and Referee Training 2014.

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1 WINTER BASKETBALL Rules and Referee Training 2014

2 EXPECTATIONS Represent Battle Ground School District and BG Community Education with professionalism. – Look and act the part of a District employee: – Be mindful of your appearance and wear appropriate attire/uniform: Refs: referee shirt, whistle, black pants or shorts and tennis shoes (no open toed shoes) Gym Supervisors: Orange BGCE t-shirt and closed-toed shoes. Return your referee shirt to BGCE at the end of the season with your final timesheet. Take responsibility and ownership. This is a job for YOU, not your parent. Future employers can and will contact us for verification of employment status (References). – Let the Recreation Supervisor know immediately if you do not feel that refereeing is a good fit for you. – We expect 100% effort and energy. – Be confident, respective, and attentive.

3 EXPECTATIONS Timeliness – Turn in timesheets to BGCE office by the 6 th of each month. – Show up for trainings/games at least 30 minutes early, unless stated otherwise by the Recreation Supervisor. – Notify the Recreation Supervisor of any schedule conflicts via phone or text: 48 hour notice required for any conflicts. Refs are responsible for finding their own replacement with approval from the Recreation Supervisor. Refs are NOT allowed to trade assignments without approval from the Recreation Supervisor. Gym Supervisors will NOT find their own replacements; all substitutes must be approved by our office. NO SHOWS will be handled individually, with possible removal from the schedule for the remainder of the season.

4 EXPECTATIONS Display control, respect and professionalism to all involved with the sport. This includes coaches, other officials, administrators, parents and spectators. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion. Communicate all concerns/issues to the Recreation Supervisor. – Refs and/or Gym Supervisors must fill out incident report forms after any altercations and return to the Recreation Supervisor within 24 hours of the incident. – Steps to take in an incident with Coach/Parent/Player/Spectator Verbal warning to the head coach. Stop the game, alert Gym Supervisor – Gym Supervisor is to make contact with the individual and have a conversation. Try to defuse the situation. If resolution cannot be met, Gym Supervisor should ask the individual to leave the gym and grounds. If the individual refuses to leave the premises, call 911 immediately.


6 Schedules Schedules will come out the Wednesday prior to the Saturday Game Day. You are responsible for letting me know if and when you can’t work. Please text or call me (360-607-6967) IMMEDIATELY if you are sick and can’t make it in. If you cannot fulfill your scheduled shift, it is your responsibility to find a sub and let me know who will be covering your shift. Kindergarten through 1 st grade: 1 referee per court 2 nd through 8 th grade: 2 referees per court READ THE MANUAL! Work locations may vary: We play at Captain Strong, Maple Grove, Pleasant Valley and Hockinson Intermediate/Primary.


8 PREGAME DUTIES Introduce yourself to all the coaches. Inspect and approve all equipment. Have working stop watch. Ask coaches for an official scorekeeper – (5 th -8 th grade). Hand coaches wristbands (K-2 nd ). Notify coaches three minutes prior to start of the game.

9 GAME TIME DUTIES Determine who will be responsible for jump balls. Determine when the ball becomes dead. Call all penalties according to rules – (see manual) Granting and charge timeouts Silently and visibly count seconds for throw- ins, free-throws, backcourt and closely guarded people.

10 GAME TIME DUTIES Penalize unsportsmanlike conduct by any player, coach, or spectator. – Warning to coach – 2 nd offense: Coach/Player offense, issue a technical foul Spectator, stop the game and find the gym supervisor. For 5 th -8 th grade, record all fouls committed. – Tell scorekeeper color and number of the offender. – After 5 fouls, player needs to be removed from the game. Concussions: Remove players who exhibit symptoms. When in doubt, bench the injured player.

11 Clock Signals Start the ClockStop the ClockStop the Clock for Foul Stop Clock for Jump Ball

12 Timeouts 30 Second Timeout Designate who took the timeout

13 Common Violations Spot of Violation5 second violation 10 second violation 3 second lane violation

14 Common Violations Kicked Ball Traveling Illegal Dribble Double Dribble Over and Back/Carrying Violation

15 FOULS Illegal contact that impedes the progress of an opponent


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