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Gender-Based Violence and HIV The Season for Change Advent Study Week Four.

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1 Gender-Based Violence and HIV The Season for Change Advent Study Week Four

2 Reflection on Putting Faith into Action ▪ What “challenge” did you take on after last week’s study? ▪ Feel free to share … – Thoughts – Concerns – Challenges – Triumphs

3 Gender-Based Violence ▪1 in every 3 women has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused during her lifetime. ▪Globally, domestic violence = leading cause of injury to women ▪Usually the abuser is a member of her own family. CountryType of Violence % of Women Who Have Experienced this Violence BangladeshSexual50 BrazilPhysical34 EthiopiaSexual59 IndiaPhysical40 IndiaSexual33 IndiaDomestic abuse70 TanzaniaPhysical47

4 Gender-Based Violence ▪ Every 9 seconds in the U.S. a woman is assaulted or beaten. ▪ 30% of women murdered in the United States are murdered by their husbands, ex-husbands or boyfriends. ▪ Domestic violence victims lose ~8 million days of paid work per year in the U.S. ▪ In many nations, 20-44% of men admit to using violence towards wives/intimate partners. ▪ Globally ~10 million children witness domestic violence annually ▪ Men who as children witnessed their parents’ domestic violence = 2X as likely to abuse their own wives

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6 HIV and Gender-Based Violence ▪ 12% of HIV/AIDS infections among women in romantic relationships  intimate partner violence. ▪ Prevalence of intimate partner violence among women at risk for HIV may be as high as 67%. ▪ In developing countries, 1 in 3 women cannot refuse sex with their partners ▪ 41% of women are unable to ask partner to use a condom ▪ Women who experience intimate partner violence are >3X more likely to have a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS

7 HIV and Gender-Based Violence ▪ Violent/coerced sex increases women’s risk for HIV through physical trauma. ▪ Violence and threats of violence – Limit negotiating power for safer sex – Limit ability to leave/end a relationship ▪ Disclosure of HIV status to a partner could result in increased violence (emotional, physical, sexual, and/or economic)

8 Why Does Gender-Based Violence Exist?

9 ▪ Societal definitions of masculinity ▪ Strict gender roles – Male = Dominant – Female = Submissive ▪ Cultural practices that perpetuate gender inequality, whether they do so intentionally or unintentionally

10 Why Should We Care? ▪ About people infected with HIV/AIDS? ▪ About Gender-Based Violence?

11 Advent Reflection & Resources ▪ Visit to download handouts and additional material. ▪ For additional information, visit the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund website Health/HIV-AIDS Health/HIV-AIDS

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