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Creative Cooking 2 Meringues. Meringues are egg whites beaten to a high volume with sugar.

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1 Creative Cooking 2 Meringues

2 Meringues are egg whites beaten to a high volume with sugar

3 What forms can meringue be made in to? Anything that can be dropped, spread or piped …such as

4 Meringue Ghosts and Snowman

5 Meringue mushrooms

6 Meringue candies

7 Meringue Torte

8 Meringue Pie

9 Baked Alaska

10 What effect can humidity have on egg whites? Humidity can prevent whites from whipping to full volume, it can also make baked meringues sticky.

11 What happens if excess sugar is used in meringue? Sugar helps support the egg protein network, excess may weigh down the whipped egg structure and prevent full volume

12 What happens when a small amount of egg yolk is mixed into separated egg whites? Egg whites will not whip, but will remain at the very soft stage

13 Separate eggs carefully Eggs may be separated -by using the shell -by using your hand -by using an egg separator MOST IMPORTANT – SEPARATE ONE EGG AT A TIME

14 What is the function of cream of tartar? Cream of tartar is an acid that helps egg whites expand or hold the most air, it keeps them stable

15 What is whipped into egg whites to make the meringue so light? Albumen (egg white) is stretched to form a covering around AIR bubbles.

16 What is the first stage of whipping egg whites? FOAMY, consistency of bubbles

17 What is the second stage? SOFT PEAK Egg whites droop when pulled from beaters

18 Hard meringues are beaten to a STIFF PEAK stage Egg whites are whipped until points remain when pulled from beaters

19 What is meant by baked meringue “weeping” Weeping occurs when there is a fluid between filling and meringue, caused by uncooked proteins in whites

20 What is meant by meringue “beading”? Meringue is over baked, foam shrinks squeezing moisture to top of meringue

21 What is the difference between soft and hard meringues? The difference is the amount of time meringue is beaten (soft peak vs stiff peak) and the length of baking time

22 What is the interior like on a baked hard meringue? Light, airy, dry

23 What appliances or utensils can be used to whip egg whites? A hand held mixer or wire whip attachment for stand mixer

24 What is the maximum temperature for baked meringue, why? 225 degrees – meringue needs to dry more than bake, a higher temperature would burn the meringue before drying

25 What should meringue be placed on in the oven for best baking results? Parchment paper Plain brown grocery bag can act as a substitute for parchment paper

26 After baking how can you cool the meringues quickly without causing them to shrink? Turn off oven, slightly open door, let cool by allowing heat to escape oven.

27 Nutrition: are meringues high in cholesterol? Meringues contain only the white of the egg so they have no saturated fat or cholesterol


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