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The Functions of Eggs.

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1 The Functions of Eggs

2 Emulsifiers Emulsion—a mixture that forms when you combine liquids that ordinarily do not mix. Ex: oil and water To keep the liquids from separating, you need an emulsifying agent. Egg yolks surrounds oil droplets and keeps them suspended in the water-based liquid so they do not separate. EX: MAYONNAISE

3 Foam Used to add air to foods.
When you beat air into egg whites air cells form. A thin film of egg white protein surrounds each cell. As beating continues the cells become smaller and more numerous and protein films becomes thinner. As a result the foam thickens.

4 Foam (Cont.) 3 Stages of Foam (each stage requires additional beating time) Foamy—have bubbles and foam on the surface. Soft Peak—will have peaks that bend at the tips when you lift the beater. Stiff Peak—will have peaks that stand up straight when you lift the beater.

5 Foam (Cont.) Use foams in:
Meringues (beat egg whites until white and foamy) Angel food cake Sponge cake Souffles Puffy omelets

6 Foam (cont.) Egg yolks keep egg whites from whipping into a cream.
Egg whites that are at room temperature will have a greater volume when beaten.

7 Thickeners Heat causes egg proteins to coagulate (thicken)
Whole eggs are used to thicken sauces, custards, and puddings. When adding to a hot mixture: Quickly fold a small amount of the hot mix into the beaten eggs Then add the warmed eggs to the rest of the hot mix so it won’t coagulate.

8 Binding and Interfering Agents
Binding agents—hold ingredients together. EX: MEATLOAF Interfering agents—eggs inhibit the formation of large ice crystals in ice cream and sherbet.

9 Structure Eggs add structure to baked products such as muffins and cakes.

10 Storing Eggs In the back of the refrigerator…it is the coldest!
Can be used up to 4 weeks after the fresh sale date.

11 Egg Yolks are a good source of cholesterol, fat, and Vitamin A.
Egg substitutes are made from egg whites and are low in cholesterol.

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