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An “Eggstroidinary” Powerpoint

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1 An “Eggstroidinary” Powerpoint

2 Nutrient Content Good source of complete protein
All essential amino acids Thiamin, Riboflavin, iron, phosphorous Vitamins A&D

3 Anatomy of an Egg Shell Membranes: 2 membranes (inner and outer) surround the albumen Albumen: a.k.a. egg white, contains 67% of the egg’s protein Yolk: yellow portion of egg - contains all the fat and half the protein Chalaza: thick, ropey strands that anchor the yolk in place in the center of the egg white

4 Diagram of an Egg

5 Egg Grades Eggs are graded for quality by candeling.
Eggs move along rollers over bright lights. The lights illuminate the eggs’ structure. Eggs that do not meet the standard are removed

6 Egg Grades Condition of shell Size of air cell
Clearness and thickness of egg white Condition of yolk 3 grades: AA, A, and B: grade A has slightly larger air cell Most B’s you do not find at the grocery! (their appearance is low – but they are still nutritious) The word FRESH on the carton refers to the quality not the age!!!

7 Storing Eggs Buy only from refrigerated cases
Check that they are clean and un-cracked before you buy Cracked eggs can contain harmful bactria that can cause food borne illness Throw away cracked or broken eggs

8 Store in the refrigerator
Up to 5 weeks

9 Eggs As Ingredients

10 Emulsifier/Emulsion mixture that forms when liquids that normally do not mix are combined Temporary: oil and water or vinegar (Italian Dressing) Permanent: Mayonnaise

11 FOAMS Use egg whites only Add air to food
Foamy stage =bubbles and foam on surface

12 Soft peak: peaks bend at tip
Stiff peak: peaks stand up straight *used to make meringue for pies and other baked goods!! *cream of tarter added to increase volume

13 Things to Know when working with Foams
Avoid under or over beating Acid (cream of tarter) acts as stabilizer Sugar also stabilizes – and increases beating time Avoid ANY contact with fat Both will cause the whites to lose volume quickly

14 THICKENERS heat causes protein to coagulate and mixture “thickens”
Used in sauces, custards, and puddings

15 STRUCTURE eggs add structure to baked products such as cakes, brownies, and muffins With out eggs there would be no shape!!!

16 How to store eggs In the fridge!! Large end up In closed carton
Do not wash May be stored up to 3-5 weeks!! (after due date expires!)

17 Cooking with Eggs Use low or moderate temperature- too high can cause protein to lose moisture and shrink/toughen To avoid “green ring” in boiled eggs–time carefully and cool immediately

18 METHODS OF COOKING Scramble-beaten with milk and cooked in a skillet while stirring occasionally Coagulum: Soft solids that form when eggs cook Poach-cooked in simmering water out of shell Fry-cook in a hot skillet with a small amount of fat

19 Methods of Cooking Bake/shirred- in oven about 350*, use individual dishes Hard boil -boiling eggs in sauce pan in boiling water Microwave-egg cooked in microwave

20 Terms to Know Meringue: fluffy mixture of beaten egg whites and sugar that may be soft or hard Foam: beating air into egg whites Omelet: beaten egg mixture - cooked without stirring and served folded in half Souffle’: fluffy baked dish made with a starch thickened sauce into which egg whites are folded

21 Were You Listening? List the nutrients found in eggs
Extra credit: How many calories in an egg?

22 Were You Listening? What is the chalaza? What does it do?
Extra Credit: How often does a hen produce an egg?

23 Were You Listening? Name some ways that eggs are used in recipes.
Extra credit: Give an example of each

24 Were You Listening? At what temperature should eggs be cooked?
What happens if they are not cooked properly?

25 Were You Listening? Name the methods of cooking eggs. eggsactly!!

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