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Acuity (n) Sharpness (particularly of mind or senses) **accuracy **acuteness.

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1 Acuity (n) Sharpness (particularly of mind or senses) **accuracy **acuteness

2 Delineate (v) To portray, sketch or describe in accurate and vivid detail. Syn: depict, picture, render **depict, deLINEate

3 Depraved (adj) Marked by evil and corruption, devoid of moral principles Syn: perverted, corrupt Ant: moral, upright, virtuous **deprived of morals

4 Enervate (v) Weaken or lessen the mental, moral, or physical vigor of: enfeeble, hamstring Syn: impair, cripple Ant: invigorate, strengthen ** ate your energy

5 Esoteric (adj) Intended for or understood by only a select few, private, secret Syn: cryptic, occult Ant: accessible, comprehensible **exotic – less well known

6 Fecund (adj) Fruitful in offspring or vegetation; intellectually productive Syn: fertile, teeming Ant: infertile, barren **the fecund rabbit was under my porch

7 Fiat (n) An arbitrary order or decree; a command or act of will or consciousness Syn: edict, dictum **the Fiat has COMMAND over other sports cars

8 Figment (n) A fabrication of the mind; an arbitrary notion Syn: creation, invention, fancy **figment of imagination figure that’s mental

9 Garner (v) To acquire as the result of effort; to gather and store away, as for future use Syn: collect, accumulate Ant: scatter, waste ** gardener garners veggies

10 Hallow (v) To set apart as holy or sacred, sanctify, consecrate; to honor greatly, revere Syn: venerate, bless Ant: desecrate, defile, profane **holy hallowed halls

11 Idiosyncrasy (n) A peculiarity that serves to distinguish or identify Syn: eccentricity, quirk, mannerism ***eccentricity idiot who’s crazy

12 Ignominy (n) Shame and disgrace Syn: dishonor, humiliation Ant: honor, glory ** “ignore me” because I’m ashamed

13 Mundane (adj) Earthly, worldly, relating to practical and material affairs; concerned with what is ordinary Syn; humdrum, routine Ant: heavenly, spiritual ** Mondays can seem mundane

14 Nuance (n) A subtle or slight variation (as in color, meaning, quality), delicate gradation or shade of difference Syn: shade, refinement **an ounce is slight difference in weight

15 Overweening (adj) Conceited, presumptuous; excessive, immoderate Syn: arrogant, inflated Ant: restrained, understated, **if you win over and over, you can become conceited

16 Penchant (n) A strong attraction or inclination Syn: proclivity, propensity Ant: disinclination, aversion ** penchant for something that enchants you

17 Reputed (adj) According to reputation or general belief; having widespread acceptance and good reputation Syn: reputable, putative, supposed Ant: proven, corroborated **reputation for…

18 Sophistry (n) Reasoning that seems plausible but is actually unsound; a fallacy Syn: specious reasoning **trickery

19 Sumptuous (adj) Costly, rich, magnificent Syn: lavish, opulent, splendid Ant: skimpy, meager, stingy **yummmm

20 Ubiquitous (adj) Present or existing everywhere Syn: omnipresent, universal Ant: restricted, rare, limited

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