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Competition Between the Hudson’s Bay Company & The Northwest Company.

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1 Competition Between the Hudson’s Bay Company & The Northwest Company

2  The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC)  The North West Company (NWC)  The Main Push for the Trade  Women of the Fur Trade  Tools of the Trade

3  Founded in 1670  A charter was granted by King Charles II  This charter provided the company with a monopoly over the trade  A monopoly over the watershed of all rivers and streams flowing into the Hudson Bay  Profitable trade with the Cree and Assiniboine - acted as the middlemen

4  Scottish and American traders from Montreal  Picked up where the French had left off (7 Years War)  Following old trade routes and even re-occupying abandoned French Forts  Employed experienced French Canadian, Metis, and Iroquois canoeists  Pushed past HBC’s claims-expanded into the Arctic and as far as the Pacific  A new era for fur trading-daring dashing and often violent  Eventually established the first transcontinental economic system in Canadian History

5  Fur Fabric of a Nation-Youtube

6  Beaver  Fashion - Hats  Between the 17 th & 19 centuries *Book Caption*


8  Firearms  Ammunition  Metal goods  Cloth  Blankets  Tobacco  Alcohol *Book Caption*

9  Usually First Nations women  “Country Wives”  Strengthened ties btwn relatives and other First Nation groups

10  Language /interpreter - good for negotiations  Knowledge of the territory  Wilderness survival techniques  Making toboggans, snowshoes, canoes  Food preparation, particularly pemmican  Preparation of hides and making of moccasins  Medicine *Book Caption*

11  HBC’s policy was made by a committee in London, England  It was declared that women and children would cause needless expense  During the 1700s, the company forbade men to marry  Many who managed the company outposts disregarded the rules  Some practiced polygamy  Until the 1780s, only high-ranking personnel entered into marital relationships

12  The NWC’s policy was not like the HBC’s  Voyageurs with permission could marry  The practice was seen as assurance that the fur traders would stay in the territory and be more successful

13  First Nations taught Europeans how to travel on the rough land and in the cold climate  Canoes  Snowshoes  Dog sleds *Kutenai Model*

14 10-12 metres in length-can carry upwards of 4 tonnes of cargo

15  NFB-Voyageurs film

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