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Northwest Vista College

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1 Northwest Vista College 2015-2016
Dual Credit student and parent information

2 What is Dual Credit? College credit and high school credit earned upon completion of a class with a grade of “C” or better Students will be exposed to college-level material and are considered college students Dual credit courses generally transfer to most Texas public colleges/universities Always check with the school you want to attend about transfer credits Dual credit becomes a part of the student’s high school and college transcripts

3 Advantages of Dual Credit
Saves money Students can potentially earn up to 2 courses of college credit each semester at no cost Reduces tuition and textbook costs for overall college education Gets many prerequisites out of the way Students take on the responsibilities of being a college student, easing the transition from high school to college

4 How does AP differ from Dual Credit?
AP classes are not college credit until the receiving institution accepts the score earned on the AP test and transmits the credit onto the transcript Dual Credit is a course for college credit. The AP exam may earn college credit. AP score requirements vary from one institution to the next AP credit is not automatically transmitted on the college transcript Some high school courses are set up to offer both AP and dual credit

5 Who should take Dual Credit?
The Dual Credit program is designed for high school juniors and seniors seeking to get a jump on their college coursework. Students who have test scores that indicate they are ready to enter the program and who feel comfortable doing college level work should consider dual credit. Students are allowed to take a maximum of TWO dual credit courses per semester.

6 2015-2016 Dual Credit Courses 11th Grade Courses: 12th Grade Courses:
AP/Dual Biology AP/ Dual Environmental Science Dual Spanish 3 12th Grade Courses: Dual English Composition (for students currently in Level English 3) AP/Dual British Literature (for students who earn a score of 3+ on the AP Language Exam) College Algebra (for students who complete Algebra 2) AP/Dual Environmental Science Dual US Government

7 High School Course= College Course
High School Course Name HS Credit College Course Equivalent College Credit AP/Dual Biology 1 Biology 1406 and 1407 8 AP/Dual Environmental Science Environmental Biology 2406 3 Dual English 4 English 1301 and 1302 (Comp I and II) 6 AP/Dual English 4 English 2322 and 2323 (Brit Lit I and II) College Algebra Math 1414 (College Algebra) Dual Spanish 3 Spanish 2311 and 2312 US Government Government 2305

8 Dual Credit Admission Requirements
Complete the application at by February 6, 2015 Instructions can be found at Click on Applying for Dual Credit and Ready-Set-Apply for step-by-step instructions Submit your Parent Consent Form to the Counseling Office by February 6, 2015

9 Dual Credit Admission Requirements
Send official SAT/ACT scores to Northwest Vista College by April 20, 2015. SAT score requirements: Critical Reading+ Math=1070 with 500+ on each section ACT score requirements: 23 Composite with 19 on English and Math sections PSAT (sophomores only): Critical Reading + Math=107 with 50+ on each section Without these minimum scores, students will have the opportunity to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Exam the last week in March to reach college readiness standards for admission into dual credit.

10 Final Steps Current dual credit students do NOT have to re-apply
Check the you use to apply through Apply Texas-You will receive an from Alamo Colleges with instructions on how to Access your ACES account and new ACES account You will need to complete the GO FAARR and Test Prep modules (if you need to take the TSI) in order to be registered for the classes you choose (instructions will come later) Once you log in to ACES, all of Alamo Colleges communication will go directly to your ACES account, so check this regularly.

11 @chsdual Join us on Remind101!
We will be sending out reminders about requirements and deadlines through Remind101. To sign up, text the following message to the number (210) @chsdual

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