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Postsecondary Testing Options Which one is right for you?

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1 Postsecondary Testing Options Which one is right for you?

2 Preparation is key!

3 High School Coursework English Math ◦ Algebra I ◦ Algebra II ◦ Geometry ◦ Math higher than Geometry Science ◦ Biology, Chemistry and Physics

4 ACT Used for admissions at 4-year colleges/universities. ◦ Composite score of 20 required for UNL, UNO, and UNK Used for placement if attending a community college and then transferring to a 4-year college/university.

5 Components English (Usage/Mechanics; Rhetorical Skills) Math (Pre-algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Plane Geometry & Trigonometry) Reading Comprehension (4 reading selections: Social Studies, Natural Sciences, Prose Fiction, Humanities) Science Reasoning (Data Representation, Research Summaries, Conflicting Viewpoints)

6 Optional Writing Test Extra ½ hour test at the end of the regular ACT test Extra cost No colleges or universities in Nebraska require the writing test. Score does not help or hurt your regular ACT score.

7 ACT Pilot Columbus High School is one of 8 schools in Nebraska that is part of a pilot program giving the ACT to all juniors. This year, all juniors will take the ACT on Tuesday, March 19. In February and early March, test prep for the ACT will be provided.

8 Other times to take the ACT? 6 test dates each year ◦ September ◦ October ◦ December of senior year – last one for scholarship purposes ◦ February ◦ April ◦ June

9 When to take the ACT? You should be finished with the following math classes: ◦ Algebra I ◦ Algebra II ◦ Geometry Helpful if you have completed or are in Physics

10 Benchmarks for College Readiness PLAN ◦ English – 15 ◦ Math – 19 ◦ Reading – 17 ◦ Science Reasoning – 21 ACT ◦ English – 18 ◦ Math – 22 ◦ Reading – 21 ◦ Science Reasoning – 24

11 Registration ACT ◦ Online at ◦ $35 COMPASS/ASSET ◦ Schedule appointment by contacting CCC ◦ No cost

12 Requirements to register for ACT High School Code - 280525 Test Center Code College Codes (where you want your scores to be sent) UNL requires scores be sent directly from ACT; other schools will accept scores from your transcript High School courses/grades information

13 ACT Prep During lunch ◦ Science – the week before ACT tests ◦ Math – the week of ACT tests John Baylor Test Prep Online opportunities ◦ ◦

14 COMPASS/ASSET COMPASS – computerized ASSET – pencil/paper Used by community colleges for placement. Some technical programs require a minimum score – usually in math

15 Components Writing Reading Math COMPASS/ASSET Prep

16 Who should take the COMPASS/ASSET test? Students enrolled in US History II Dual Credit or other dual credit courses (not Spanish) for Semester 2, if you want to register for college credit. Students planning to attend a community college and not transfer to a 4-year college.

17 Take the ACT seriously each and every time you take the test. Questions??

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