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Submitting Revisions Journal of Forestry’s Rapid Review System.

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1 Submitting Revisions Journal of Forestry’s Rapid Review System

2 Get your files ready! You can log off in any time within two weeks to continue your submission—but stay within the timeline they outlined. Guidelines may be more stringent this time, particularly for figures. Check guidelines.



5 Supported programs

6 Hopefully you checked this list prior to creating your images in the first place. Otherwise, you may need to recreate in a supported formats (next slide)

7 Double check your figures


9 Drag figures from where they have been stored and drop onto the Rapid Inpector Window. If any fail, note why, and fix before uploading.

10 Separate your text: To be uploaded as is: Body of paper Literature cited Figure headings Tables and headings These may be in one single file, or separated further. You will also need: Figures separate from text. Optional: these can be zipped together and uploaded as one. To be cut and paste into appropriate fields: Abstract/Acknowledgements* Response to reviewers** (i.e., how you clarified, or why you did not, items that reviewers had commented upon) Author information Any other information that will help you now or when you check back, e.g., manuscript number, URL, userid Some systems may permit uploading * with other text or **as a support document.

11 Here we go! Log in to the same system, using the same credentials you created to submit the original




15 We modified our title; so made sure to check this.

16 Check to make sure these numbers are still accurate. You may have added text to clarify a point, or made more concise.

17 Is this still the correct order of authors? If yes, move on to the next page. If no, use the arrows to reorder. You can also use the “-” to remove or scroll down to “add additional” if necessary.


19 If reviewers comments were particularly helpful to clarify major points, or reveal additional insights, consider adding them, either by name, or as “anonymous” to the acknowledgements.

20 If you have made changes to the abstract, make sure you include them here. Otherwise, your original abstract will accompany your revised manuscript.

21 Rebuttal page goes here. Because the color coding didn’t transfer to this format, we uploaded the response file, and told them that we did so.

22 We didn’t have any changes, but you might.


24 Type the number of files, update file count, then browse for your files.


26 Figures now get extra scrutiny.

27 Yes, they ask this for every file

28 We uploaded the response to reviews as a supplemental file. Sometimes we include the Rapid Inspector Report





33 The bottom of that page….

34 A compilation of everything you entered into every field. We print as a PDF, and save with the rest of the manuscript files.





39 We’ve checked all the fields (even though we didn’t show it)



42 Subject: Manuscript Resubmission Dear Dr. Ruth Yanai, You have successfully resubmitted your manuscript via the Rapid Review system. Your Manuscript Number is: JF-08-064 Version 2. Take note of this number for future reference. You can log on to the Rapid Review system at any time to see the current status of your manuscript(s). The web address is and your username is ryanai. If you wish to contact the journal office, here's how: Journal of Forestry 5400 Grosvenor Lane Bethesda, MD 20814-2198 Phone: 301-897-8720 Fax: 301-897-3960 Email: Thank you for your resubmission. Matthew Walls Managing Editor Journal of Forestry Email Confirmation

43 Writing for Scientific Publication

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