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Erin Banda Kristina Hoover Leslie Ireland Kristine Lyons Jason Harris (CATS) Kathi McNeeley (CATS) 4 th Grade Team.

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2 Erin Banda Kristina Hoover Leslie Ireland Kristine Lyons Jason Harris (CATS) Kathi McNeeley (CATS) 4 th Grade Team

3 C ONTACTING 4 TH GRADE TEACHERS Office Phone – (480) 883-4100 Emails: Room Phones – (voicemail only) Banda – Rm. H3 (480) 883-4159 Ireland –Rm. H4 (480) 883-4160 Lyons – Rm. H2 (480) 883-4158 Hoover–Rm. H1 (480) 883-4157 Harris – Rm. M4 (480) 883-4167 McNeeley – Rm. F1 (480) 883-4145

4 Common Core Standards across the Curriculum: Focus: Digging Deeper instead of Skimming the Surface Reading Comprehension Skills focus for the year include: Inference Cause and Effect Draw Conclusions Narrative Elements Sequencing Character Traits Compare and Contrast Morals Identifying speaker Functional Texts (letters, menus, schedules, etc). R EADING

5 Literacy Stations/Reader’s Notebook 6+1 Good Traits of Writing Harcourt Grammar Skills Daily Journal Writing Weekly spelling patterns Cursive writing on many assignments L ANGUAGE

6 Math Concepts included in the year are: Number Sense Multiplication properties, order of operations Adding, subtracting, comparing, ordering, breaking apart fractions, decimals, percent, number lines, and ratios Factors and multiples Fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division Estimating Rounding and estimating Data Analysis Data and graphs along with median, mode and range concepts Change over time in graphs and tables and making predictions M ATH

7 Geometric Properties Points, lines, rays, segments, angles, parallelism, perpendicularity 2D and 3D shapes Triangles, sides, and angles Congruent figures (slide, rotations, reflections) 3D shapes and corresponding nets Coordinate Geometry Ordered pairs on a quadrant Constructing geometric figures on a coordinate plain Measurement Elapsed time to the minute Comparing measurements Perimeter and area

8 M ATH Probability Theoretical, predicting outcomes Systematic Listing and Counting Representing all possibilities Drawing conclusions Algebra Recognize, describe, create, and extend numerical sequences using all four basis operations Create and solve one-step equations

9 4 th Grade Science 1 st Quarter: Life Science: Living Things, Ecosystems Scientific Process 2 nd Quarter: Physical Science: Electricity & Magnetism 3 rd Quarter: Earth Science: Water Cycle, Weather & Earth ’ s Processes 4 th Quarter: Science AIMS testing Science

10 4 th Grade Social Studies 1 st Quarter: AZ State Facts, Symbols, Geography 2 nd Quarter: AZ Civics and Government 3 rd Quarter: AZ & US History 4 th Quarter: AZ in World History Social Studies

11 6-DAY ROTATION FOR “SPECIALS” Each homeroom class has a different specials rotation schedule. Your homeroom teacher sent home the schedule and meet the teacher, and reminders will also be sent home in the the weekly newsletter called the “Fourth Grade Forecast.”

12  Please remember to send one healthy snack every day!  Remember a WATER BOTTLE every day!  Lunch: 11:05-11:25 Recess: 11:25-11:45  Afternoon Recess: 1:45-2:00  Money deposited in cafeteria accounts before school : (free iPhone app)  Wear class shirts on Fridays and for field trips. R ECESS, S NACK, L UNCH AND T-S HIRTS

13  Let’s Make a JETS Choice! Students are encouraged daily to make good choices through positive reinforcement, verbal and non-verbal cues.  “Tallies” will be given as a reminder of appropriate classroom behavior and personal responsibility, which will be communicated on the JETS Choice Slip.  Tallies  2 in a day: Loss of afternoon recess  3 in a day: Communiqué  5 in a week: No Fun Friday  Fun Friday is awarded for good behavior, personal responsibility, completed daily work and homework C LASSROOM D ISCIPLINE

14 Fourth Grade Forecast Includes: Curriculum overview for upcoming week calendar, birthdays, announcements, weekly specials schedule Sent home weekly via email and website (hardcopies in August) Flyers from the office will be sent home the in class folder Check class website frequently …. Updates on Newsletters, Calendars, etc. School newsletters are sent home monthly N EWSLETTERS AND S CHOOL N EWS

15 Your child will complete about 45 minutes of homework each night (including silent reading) Reading Homework (Due Daily) M/W: Sci/SS Block T/Th: ELA Block Literacy Calendar (Due Friday) “Reading” section is a reminder to do nightly reading and assignment Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, Other (choose 3)- FOUR boxes will be completed weekly Fourth Grade Forecast will include: Weekly Spelling List, Grammar Skill, and Vocabulary Words Math Homework – (Due Daily) Sign Agenda, Tally Sheet, and Reading Log EVERY NIGHT No phone calls home if forgotten. H OMEWORK

16  Infinite Campus – Check your child’s grades online  Assessment Folders  Progress reports are sent home mid- quarter. First quarter conferences will include these. (August 28-29 th )  Sign/return report card envelopes quarterly. G RADES

17 All academic and attendance awards will be recognized quarterly. In order to earn Principal’s List, students must receive A’s in all subject areas. For students to receive Honor Roll, they must receive A and B grades in all subject areas. Perfect Attendance Awards A CADEMIC A WARDS

18 B IRTHDAY C ELEBRATIONS Jacobson will no longer be accepting sugary treats for birthdays - Do not send cupcakes, doughnuts or other sugary food items - your items will not be delivered to the classroom or distributed to students. Students visit the principal’s office and receive a special gift Student’s name will be heard on the announcements Students may bring a small token pencil, eraser, etc. to pass out to classmates Parents may donate a book to the library in honor of the birthday If student brings in a treat it must be healthy (low-calorie) Join your child for lunch!

19  Thank you for volunteers who signed up! We’ll be in touch via email Always sign in at the office! If you can’t make it the day you are scheduled, just email us.  Field trips through year  Volunteers needed for Space Explorers and Art Masterpiece  Please send an email if you would like to be added to the volunteer list V OLUNTEERS IN THE C LASSROOM

20  If your child is doing something different after school other than the usual, please send an email or a written note! R EMINDER

21 Our Field Trips can now only be funded using Tax Credit monies donated by our wonderful families. Anyone can donate to tax credit: even aunts and uncles (state return). Tax Credit forms are attached. Single contributions up to $200. Married contributions up to $400. ALL tax credit donations are refunded directly to your tax return (it’s a credit, not a write-off) Any donation amount is welcomed and accepted!!! ***If you donate online, please email your child’s homeroom teacher so the funds can be allocated to that class.*** Fourth grade field trips may include the Basha Art Museum, Arizona Historical Musuem, Arizona State Capitol, Child’s Play, as well as in-house field trips (speakers/presentations). This will come to approximately $40 per child for this school year. T AX C REDIT D ONATIONS


23 Please feel free to email any questions you may have to your child’s homeroom teacher or to the whole team. Q UESTIONS ?

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