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Welcome to Curriculum Night Third Grade Jane D. Hull Elementary.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night Third Grade Jane D. Hull Elementary

2 Who are we? Kathy Brewer Jennifer Carrillo What is a job share and how will it be beneficial to my child ?

3 Curriculum Language Arts (Common Core) Reading –Phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension –Small group instruction –Daily 5 Reading –Literature Studies to include… - Rocky Road Trip - Stories Julian Tells - Charlotte’s Web - Informational Text

4 –Writing Daily 5 “Work on Writing” 6-traits Cursive Daily 5 “Word Work” –Spelling Sitton Spelling Cloze paragraph format Phonetic/skills testing

5 Math (Common Core) –Learning Objectives - Operations and Algebraic Thinking multiplication and division concepts, problem solving - Numbers and Operations and Base 10 rounding to the nearest 10 or 100, addition/subtraction algorithms, multiplication/division through 10, place value - Fractions - Measurement and Data - Geometry

6 Science –Scientific Method, Ecosystems, Rocks, Earth, Energy Social Studies –World History (Ancient Greece) American Heroes, American Government, Economics, Geography

7 Technology Computer lab/Student computer workstations Student computer work stations –keyboarding –Conduct research –Learning games/Daily 5 “Listening to Reading” –Word processing –Develop skills to use the technology

8 Discipline/Character Counts Class Discipline –“Team” Theme –Six Pillars of Good Character –CARE/ Class Promise Positive Reinforcement - Sports Balls/Fill the Jar - Group of the Day –Awards (Treasure box/ Treat jar) –P.A.T. / Fun Friday Weekly Reflection (sent home on Mondays)

9 Grades Letter Grades /New program Graded Work, Quizzes, Projects Student reflection packet Infinite Campus (Parent Portal) Report Cards

10 Homework Homework folder is to return to school each day. Homework Log Sheet Purpose is to reinforce skills Spend approximately 30 minutes a night Reading Log (signed weekly) Math fact practice (online program)

11 Volunteers Classroom volunteers Room Mom/Dad Junior Achievement- Thank you!! Art Masterpiece- Thank you!! Home help


13 Tax Credit Field Trips –Kartchner Caverns (more info on next slide) –Additional field trips Up to $400 (married) Up to $200 (single) Get all the money back at tax time!

14 Kartchner Caverns We need your help!! If you donate for tax credit purposes please consider making your donation early this year to help fund this very special field trip. This trip will be a fantastic learning adventure for us as we learn about rocks and minerals!

15 Thank you! Open-door policy Parent-Teacher Conferences are in late August Office 883-4500 Classroom 883-4550 Best method of communication is email… – –

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