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SolarCurrents TM Rebuild Ypsilanti Julie Londo August 26, 2010.

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1 SolarCurrents TM Rebuild Ypsilanti Julie Londo August 26, 2010

2 Detroit Edison SolarCurrents TM Pilot Program 2 Approximately 5MW through Renewable Energy Credit (REC) contracts Customer funds and owns solar equipment Customer-Owned Pilot Program DECo-Owned Pilot Program Approximately 15MW of Detroit Edison-owned solar assets Lease large rooftops or utilize DTE facilities

3 SolarCurrents TM Pilot Programs 3 Customer-Owned Solar Pilot Detroit Edison-Owned Solar Pilot 15 MW in Total nameplate capacity $112 Million Detroit Edison to seek ideally sited, sized and configured locations through standard site leasing agreements. Detroit Edison to gain knowledge and experience in such activities as: 1.Identifying optimal sites 2.Developing design specifications to ensure safe and seamless integration into the utility grid. 3.Establishing safe and streamlined interconnection process that are well-suited for solar applications. 5 MW in Total nameplate capacity $25 Million in available funding Customers install solar systems to meet their electrical needs per the Net Metering guidelines. Long-term contracts to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) Pre-pay a portion of the RECs to help customers offset the upfront costs of solar installations.

4 SolarCurrents TM Customer-owned Program Requirements Eligible Technologies: Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Eligible System Size: Single Installation ≥ 1 kW and ≤ 20 kW Eligible Systems: –New PV installed in 2009 & 2010 –Existing PV systems with a valid Detroit Edison Parallel Operating Agreement installed after Jan. 1, 2005 Eligible Customers must: –Purchase energy from Detroit Edison for the term of the contract –Have a positive payment history with Detroit Edison (no past due balance for 6 months, and no checks returned for insufficient funds in the last 12 months) –Agree to participate in the Detroit Edison Net Metering (Rider 16) program –Complete the Interconnection application within 90 days of submitting the SolarCurrents application Program Size (Budget): Limited to a maximum of $25 Million. This is expected to support at least 5 MW of installations with at least 2.5 MW residential. Incentive Structure: Up-front REC payment and ongoing REC payments Contract Term: 20 years 4

5 SolarCurrents TM Program Incentives 2009 and 2010 Incentives Up-Front Payment of $2.40 per watt of DC installed nameplate capacity, paid by check after successful completion of Interconnection and SolarCurrents program requirements. Systems installed prior to 2009 will receive a pro-rated up-front payment (see sample contract on our website for details). Ongoing REC Payments of $0.11 per kWh generated, paid by a credit on customer’s monthly Detroit Edison electric bill for the length of the contract (20 years). 2011 Incentives Incentives currently in place for 2009/2010 will remain the same for the 2011 calendar year. 5

6 Program Improvements Since 9/1/09 Launch Third Party payments of up-front incentive to lending institutions which makes it easier for interested customers to obtain financing and provides more options when considering the SolarCurrents program Adding additional solar load to an existing system; an easy-to- use addendum to the original contract; contact our team when you are ready we will provide the document 6

7 Customer-Owned SolarCurrents TM Pilot Program 7 Progress since program launch on 9/1/09: 122 customers fully commissioned in program - 104 residential - 18 commercial/government/schools Represents 573 kW enrolled in the SolarCurrents program $2.7M of up-front REC payments processed to date Approx 100+ applications are in-process SolarCurrents Customer Contact Line: 313-235-4SUN (4786) Website:

8 Incentives Available to SolarCurrents TM Pr ogram Participants EXAMPLE A typical 4 kW residential installation may cost $32,000 and require about 500 sq ft of roof space. Incentives –Detroit Edison up-front REC payment of $2.40 per watt, or $9,600 –Detroit Edison ongoing REC payments of 11¢ per kWh generated, totaling $10,021 over 20 years –Federal Tax incentives of 30% –Reduction in electricity bills due to self generation and net metering 8

9 SolarCurrents TM Makes Solar Energy Up to 50% More Affordable 9

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