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Small Wind and Solar Systems Kristi Robinson Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric.

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1 Small Wind and Solar Systems Kristi Robinson Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric

2 As of May 10, 2009 5 1 3 4 2

3 Midwest ISO States with Renewable Mandates


5 Rice Goodhue Waseca Dodge Steele Freeborn WIND SYSTEMS


7 ~$23 per day Average Yearly Production: 44,000 kWh

8 5 -6 kWh/m 2 /day 4-5 kWh/m 2 /day 6-7 kWh/m 2 /day SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC RESOURCE POTENTIAL

9 Rice Goodhue Waseca Dodge Steele Freeborn SOLAR SYSTEMS

10 Average kWh per Day Month ~$5 per day ~$1 per day

11 Residential & Corporate Renewable Tax Credit: Business and Residential tax credit of 30% of the total install cost of renewable system (Systems to be less than 100 KW) Qualifying Systems Wind turbine Geothermal Heat Pumps Solar Systems Solar – Water Heaters Fuel Cells Federal Renewable Programs REAP - USDA Grant/Loan Program: Agriculture and Small Rural Businesses can apply for 25% of total renewable projects cost 2010 REAP budget of $70 Million Energy Efficiency Improvement: Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit – various amount depended on the improvement REAP – USDA Grant/Loan Program Qualifying Systems Water heatersBoilers Furnaces Heat Pumps Building Improvements

12 State Incentive: Wind turbines < 40 KW qualify for net metering. Purchasing utility basically by the power that goes back on the distribution grid at retail rate. SWCE 2010 Buy Back Rates Single Phase Units: $0.1161/kWh Three Phase Units: $0.1107/kWh State Property Tax Exemption: Wind and Solar systems are exempt from property tax, (land the system is on is still taxable ). However small production tax does exist if system is greater than 250 KW nameplate. State Renewable Programs State Sales Tax Exemption: Wind and Solar systems materials are exempt from sales tax. Includes materials used to manufacture, construct, maintain and repair renewable systems State Solar Rebate : Unknown availability for 2010. Currently a waiting list for Federal Funds.

13 Average Yearly Production: 44,000 kWh~ $ 4,115 per year In SWCE Territory – 39 KW Wind Turbine Upfront Cost: (Turbine, Foundation, Labor etc)~$120,000 Costs and Benefits Insurance and Maintenance~ $ 750 per year Projected Average Yearly Production: 3,000 kWh~ $ 315 per year Photovoltaic System ( 2 KW System)* Upfront Cost: (Panels, Inverter, Labor etc)~$ 18,000 Insurance and Maintenance~ $ 100 per year *Based on best information available – not SWCE numbers Solar Calculator: Capacity factor for solar and wind is approximately 15%

14 Interconnecting a Wind or Solar System to SWCE’s Grid 1)Fill out SWCE Application for Interconnection $250 non-refundable application fee for systems greater than 20 kW 2)Site Visit and Engineering Studies On site meeting with system owner and electrician 3) Contracts Signed 4) Construction and Interconnection SWCE personnel will perform necessary changes to the distribution system and metering for the wind or solar system. 5) Final Collection of Costs Final billing of actual costs accrued by SWCE are billed out less the deposit.

15 Contracts Three Important Points 1)$300,000 in liability insurance per turbine – SWCE must have proof of insurance 2)Visible, accessible disconnect switch – SWCE has access to wind or solar system 3)Do No Harm Cause Minnesota State Interconnection Agreement for Distribution Generation Contract Encompasses all types and sizes of distributed generation system Discusses fees, time periods, responsibilities and requirements Required by the State of Minnesota, created by the MN PUC Uniform Statewide Contract for Cogeneration and Small Power Production Facilities Less than 40 kW Power Purchase Agreement Discusses methods of payment, program options, estimated deposit and retail rate

16 Concentrate on low cost energy efficiency methods first! SWCE will assist our members with interconnecting to the grid, but…

17 Questions? Kristi Robinson 800-526-3514

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