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Alberta Solar A Sunny Future with Municipalities.

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1 Alberta Solar A Sunny Future with Municipalities

2 Programs in Alberta are at the Municipal Level Medicine Hat - Hat Smart Medicine Hat- Power Plant Edmonton – Solar Pilot Calgary/Alberta Wide – Enmax GreenMax Leasing Program Okotoks Drake Landing

3 Medicine Hat Hat Smart HAT Smart I – Ended March 31, 2011 – 50% of the cost up to $3000 solar hot water – 50 % of the cost up to $6000 solar electric – Approximately 40 homes install solar PV – 35 home install solar hot water. HAT Smart II – launching June 1 st – 100 - $1,000 incentive (towards ownership or a lease down payment) – both hot water and electric – lease option is being offered in conjunction with Enmax.

4 1 MW parabolic trough system Furthest north a parabolic trough has been tried Tied to existing steam plant $9M total cost of system $3M from CCEMC (Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation)

5 Edmonton Pilot Program $200,000 program – target of ½ residential & ½ commercial $3 per installed watt up to $9,000 per residential & $18,000 per commercial installation Application period September 1 – 30 with installation by December 31, 2010 Installations to meet minimum system requirements (e.g. orientation, grid connected)

6 Pilot Project Results 17 residential installations – Average size:2.4 kW – Total:41 kW – Average cost:~$7.07 per watt – Range:$4.57 – $9.12 5 commercial installations – Average size:6.8 kW – Total:34.2 kW – Average cost:~$6.75 per watt – Range:$5.49 – $8.80

7 Recommendations Develop into an on-going program Adjust incentive to maximize installs Streamline approval processes and increase City staff capacity Accommodate east/west orientation Allow more time for application and installation (more quotes) Provide stronger linkage to energy efficiency initiatives

8  1.3 kW system  $1500 install fee $40/month for 15 yrs  $350 buyout at 15 yrs or continue $40/month  $14.5M investment by CCEMC (Alberta carbon tax)  9000 installations expected over 5 years  This is the only PV project funded by CCEMC

9 Energy Center is now Net Zero with 17 kW grid tie solar array On track for 90%+ space heating this year

10 Municipal FIT Proposal Municipal FIT Proposal Municipal FIT Funded with local REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) for municipal facilities energy consumption Uses existing Micro Connect policy with Net Billing Applicable in Alberta and BC Encourages conservation as FIT paid only on export Several municipalities have expressed interest Eliminates need for provincial incentive/support

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