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1 Centre for Micro Finance (CMF) IFMR Research - Chennai Digital Data Collection Session 1 Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) Aug 2012.

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1 1 Centre for Micro Finance (CMF) IFMR Research - Chennai Digital Data Collection Session 1 Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) Aug 2012

2 Session Summary Process for digital data collection Comparisons between paper and digital Advantages/Disadvantages Group Activity ~~~ Discussion Places for Improvement Moving Forward 2

3 What is Digital Data Collection? New and improved way to digitally collect survey information using digital devices Digital devices currently being used –Notebooks – ASPIRE ONE D270-26CKK –Tablets – Model SPICE Mi 720 Current projects using digital devices –Current financial literacy project in Uttar Pradesh

4 Stages in Digital Data Collection 4 Set up infrastructure Electric Supply Data Backup Device Storage Prepare questionnaire Design questionnaire Pilot questionnaire Prepare software Design Software Test software Hire Surveyors Classroom training Mock surveys Field training Pilot Pilot Devices in field Re-train surveyors Finalize Devices and Questionnaire

5 Stages in Digital Data Analysis 5 Collect Data Scrutinize Data Conduct Back- checks Accompany Surveyors Uploading Data to Server Upload Automatically Upload Manually Download Data for Analysis Download Data to host computer Formats available for download CSV, Excel etc Import into STATA, Excel, Access etc Conduct Analysis Clean DataAnalyze Data Generate Reports

6 How is the Data Uploaded and Backed Up? 6 Data Entry on Electronic Device Manual Data Transmission to Server (for Notebooks) Data Uploading on Server Data Analysis on host computer End Circle Automatic Data Transmission to Server (for Tablets)

7 What/Where is the Server? 7 Google App Engine Costs – Minimal Can be accessible with a username and password from any computer Can be encrypted for greater security

8 What is the software used in digital data collection? Tablets ODK Notebooks JAVA or Visual Basic Data Accessible in: Excel STATA SQL Server 8 Data entry on Notebooks at Varanasi

9 Comparison between Digital and Paper Surveys 9 Digital SurveyPaper Survey StaffingStaff should have field and computer experience Staff should have field experience TrainingTraining takes longer – 3 to 4 weeks Training is about the questionnaire and devices Training is shorter – 2 weeks Training about the questionnaire PilotingQuestionnaire must be piloted first Devices must be piloted to test ground conditions Database structure must be updated if questionnaire changes Only the questionnaire is piloted

10 Comparison between Digital and Paper Surveys 10 Digital SurveyPaper Survey Data Validation Data can be scrutinized as it is uploaded real-time Data Validation can be built into software Data is scrutinized after Data Entry Data Validation happens during Data Entry Data Entry Data Collection and Data Entry is simultaneous No separate Data Entry staff is hired Data Entry follows Data Collection Data Entry staff and entry operations are set up Data Analysis Analysis can be done as soon as data is uploaded Time between Data Collection and Data Analysis is significantly shorter Analysis is done after data is entered by Data Entry staff Time between Data Collection and Data Analysis is longer

11 Comparison between Digital and Paper Surveys 11 Digital SurveyPaper Survey Infra- structure Consistent electrical supply to charge units Data backup should be done using external drives, or on servers Devices should be stored safely Needed only for Data Entry Data Entry laptops or PCs must be configured with software Servers should be set up to store data CostHigher costs are incurred in procuring devices, and training No separate costs for Data Entry Higher costs incurred for Data Entry, printing surveys Smaller upfront costs compared to digital surveys, but higher costs post Data Collection

12 What about Quality Control and Checks? Accompaniments – Same as with Paper Back checks –PDF Reports –View the data on the server for call backs 12

13 What about scrutiny and field reports? Scrutiny – Is it needed? - Software is similar to current Data entry software Field Reports: –Real time data = Real time progress –GPS Locator in field –Internet Connection for Submission 13

14 What are the costs? High start-up costs –Investment of device Depending on survey team size, may not be feasible –High Programming Costs Rapid advancement in ODK/JAVA/Visual Basic software development to support digital devices Technology Issues in the field –Higher Piloting Costs –Higher Training Costs 14

15 Why should my project use Digital Devices? Saves Trees!! Data Collection, Scrutiny, Data Entry and Analysis can happen simultaneously Possible to randomize questions Easier monitoring of staff and data for RA Easier to carry 1 device than 4-5 surveys per surveyor Will become a norm as technology gets cheaper More field photos! 15

16 Places for improvement Machine failure before/after/during interview Security – Follow Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Electricity in the field Accountability of Staff/ Storage of Devices Maintenance of Devices in Field Conditions 16

17 Questions? 17

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