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Map Madagascar Central Africa South Africa END.

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3 Map Madagascar Central Africa South Africa END

4 Madagascar

5 Madagascar = Highest biodiversity on the planet 100% of Earth’s Lemurs located in Madagascar About 50% of the world’s chameleon population is located here also. Of 200,000 known species found in Madagascar, about 150,000 are endemic

6 Why? -Not much is known about why Madagascar is so unique -Extremely isolated from the rest of the world

7 Chameleon Lemurs Sifaka

8 Madagascar Magpie Robin Madagascar Day Gecko Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

9 Proboscis Monkey Sucker-Footed Bat Aye

10 Central Africa


12 Bushmeat Crisis

13 Other Effects

14 Animals affected by “Bushmeat Crisis” Elephants Antelopes Great Apes Monkeys

15 South Africa

16 Africa’s Endangered Species

17 Endangered Species sable antelope king protea southern double-collared sunbird Erica junonia bontebok cape scarab beetle cape mole rat geometric tortoise African Wild Dog Bats giraffe umbrella thorn Dama gazelle schimitar-horned oryx cheetah spotted hyena lion demoiselle crane mandrill potto

18 Endangered Species chimpanzee bongo gray parrot gorilla leopard orchid African elephant false mufuti zebra southern ground hornbill leopard Chimpanzee Dolphins Elephant Grevy's Zebra Lemur Peregrine Falcon Rhinoceros

19 Rhinoceroses Black Rhino White Rhino

20 Umbrella Thorn Acacia grow in areas with annual rainfall as low as 4 cm

21 African Wild Dog Body length: 75- 100cm, Tail length: 30-40cm, Standing height: 61-78cm, Weight: 17-36kg Each dog has its own unique markings

22 Africa’s birds

23 African Penguin Breeding range from Hollamsbird Island, to Bird Island Travel far for food Monogamous

24 Deforestation

25 Cattle Herds

26 Tsetse fly

27 Elephants

28 Fences and Dams

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