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Captain William Kidd By Meleah Lynch Ms.Marshall 2009-10.

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1 Captain William Kidd By Meleah Lynch Ms.Marshall 2009-10

2 William Kidd’s Life Born in 1654 in Dundee, Scotland John Kidd and his wife, Bessie Butchart. Married Sarah Bradley Cox Oort, who was 16 years younger than him Daughter named Sarah.

3 Kidd’s Life at Home Lived in New York On Pearl Street Had a three-story mansion was a double wide, at thirty-eight feet across, and an unheard of forty-eight-foot depth

4 From Pirate Hunter to Pirate! first sailed the seas to rid the world of pirates in the 1690’s Was given 34 cannons, and a crew of 80 men on a ship called the Adventure Galley. Laid off half of his crew to replace them with absolutely gruesome bunch of cutthroats. Crew mutinied Defeated and killed the leader of the uprising The leader was a gunner named William Moore

5 Captain Kidd’s Career Became a pirate in January 1698 Captured the Queda Merchant the treasure ship that belonged to the British East India Company Abandoned the damaged Adventure Galley Renamed Queda Merchant to Adventure Prize

6 The Capture of Captain Kidd Sailed to New York in 1701 Hoped to fool New Yorkers Was arrested Sent to England

7 The Death of Captain Kidd caught and put on trial, May 23, 1701 was found guilty of piracy and murder sentenced to death by hanging, rope broke twice but finally held body dipped in tar and hung, in chains, along Thames River, to warn all pirates-to-be

8 Bibliography illiam_Kidd_527.asp ship.html pirates/william-kidd.php

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