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Tierra Wilson Jazmin Witherspoon

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1 Tierra Wilson Jazmin Witherspoon
William Kidd Tierra Wilson Jazmin Witherspoon

2 Basic Information William Kidd was originally employed to rid the seas of pirates of the Red Sea Scottish Pirate Unlucky career one act of piracy it was his first, last and only More famous for his treasure and his unfortunate death

3 Early life Born around 1645 in Greenock, Scotland
Loved the sea and sailing as a child Dreamed of becoming a pirate hunter Left homeland for New York Had many successful Raids Married Sarah Bradley Cox (rich widow) Two kids

4 Description of flag Captain Kidd’s flag was black with a skull and cross bones

5 Pirate Code of Conduct In the 17th Century, Buccaneers began operating under a set of rules called the Charter Party (Pirate Code) This code Known as the pirate code explains the standard operating procedure for all pirates Consisted of… Stated who was captain Told good areas to find fortune Terms and conditions Roles of crew Explained power Explained punishment and discipline All Pirates Must swear by these Rules!!!!

6 Causing Trouble William Moore(the ship’s gunner)
Moore accused Kidd and in result Kidd hits Moore in the head The next morning Moore died of a brain fracture British East India Co. January 1698 captured the Quedah Merchant The British found out and Kidd was labeled as a pirate and place under the WANTED list

7 Pirating Activities “ADVENTURE PRIZE”
January 1698 Kidd captured Quedah Merchant (a treasure ship of British East India Company) great catch his new flag ship was called “ADVENTURE PRIZE” Kidd became a wanted man and tried to hide

8 Interesting Story HIS DEATH
Kidd was sent to hunt pirates by England and to attack ships flying the French flag. (England's enemy at the time) but, Kidd’s crew started to desert him after the killing of his gunner William Moore. This resulted in his Piracy. Kidd was place on the WANTED list and tried to hide He was found, arrested and sentenced to death for piracy and killing his gunner He was hung but the first attempt did not succeed because the rope broke so he was hung a second time and he was displayed over the Thames River as a warning to any future pirates to come

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