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Salvador Dali -3 25.07.2007.

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2 Salvador Dali

3 Cenicitas (Little Ashes) Oil on wood.

4 Venus and Sailor (Homage to Salvat-Papasseit) Oil on canvas.

5 Figure at a Window Oil on canvas.

6 Seated Girl Seen from the Back Oil on canvas.

7 Figure on the Rocks Oil on panel

8 Still Life by Moonlight Oil on canvas.

9 Apparatus and Hand Oil on panel

10 The Spectral Cow Oil on panel.

11 Four Fishermen's Wives of Cadaqués Oil on canvas.

12 Portrait of Luis Buñuel Oil on canvas.

13 Still Life Oil on canvas.

14 Pierrot and Guitar Oil and collage on cardboard.

15 Venus and Sailor. ca Oil on canvas.

16 Departure (Homage to the Noticiario Fox)

17 Portrait of My Father Oil on canvas

18 Portrait of Maria Carbona Oil on cardboard.

19 Figure from the Back Gouache on cardboard

20 Figure at a Table (Portrait of My Sister)

21 Woman at the Window at Figueres Oil on canvas

22 Neo-Cubist Academy (Composition with Three Figures) Oil on canvas.

23 Penya-Segats (Woman by the Cliffs)

24 Figures Lying on the Sand Oil on wood.

25 The Basket of Bread Oil on panel.

26 Mannequin (Barcelona Mannequin) Oil on canvas.

27 Study for Honey Is Sweeter than Blood Oil on panel.

28 Unsatisfied Desires Oil, seashells, and sand on cardboard.

29 Female Nude. The Artitst's name is painted on paper and affixed to the canvas. Oil, cork and rope on canvas.

30 Big Thumb. Beach. Moon and Decaying Bird

31 The Wounded Bird Oil, sand and coarse sand on cardboard.

32 The Rotting Donkey Oil, sand and gravel collage panel A suivre

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