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Look ahead ! by Oliver Gans 2012 CRABster Winch Product Presentation 2012.

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1 Look ahead ! by Oliver Gans 2012 CRABster Winch Product Presentation 2012

2 Look ahead! At a Glance CRABster WINCH

3 Look ahead! -Loads up to 250 t -Four frame sizes -Solo winch or with a crane kit -Double girder trolley or fixed hoist -True vertical lift -Compact design -Optimal approach dimensions -Stepless crane and trolley travelling -Ambient temperatures from -20 °C up to +60 °C CRABster WINCH At a Glance

4 Look ahead! At a Glance Product Range Excerpt from the entire supply range. Type CT17 is not listed here.

5 Look ahead! -Robust rope guides, cast iron -True vertical lift -Central lubrication -4-step gear limit switch -NovaMaster -2-step travel limit switch -Inverter hoisting + travelling -Hoist motor with encoder, closed loop -Thermal protection -Two component exopy painting -Bridge panels -PLIOTEX wire marking -Panels with light and plug -Horn 108 dB At a Glance Standard Equipment

6 Look ahead! -Radio remote control -Maintenance platform -ESR overspeed -Second hoisting brake -Ramshorn hook -Rope pressure roller -Guide rollers for trolley frame -Standby heatings, -20°C -Air condition for panels, +55°C -Stainless steel bridge panel -Rain protection cover -Crane light -Horn, 120 dB -Derailment catches and storm locks At a Glance Standard Options

7 Look ahead! Product Argumentation CRABster WINCH

8 Look ahead! Characteristics: -Rope drive design -Rope guide -Central lubrication -Hoist motor -Hoisting brake -Hoist gearbox -Limit switch -Controls -Overload protection -Condition monitoring -Dimensions Product Argumentation Hoist Concept

9 BENEFITS -Tilted sheaves -True vertical lift -No lateral hook drift -Large drum diameter -High-strength flexible wire ropes -Single drum configuration -Less wear on rope and rope guide -Extended life time for rope -Optimal usage of available space -Avoids heavy twin hoists -Savings in ownership Rope Drive Design Product Argumentation

10 BENEFITS -Full wrap cast iron ring -Proper rope guidance -Avoids dangerous slack rope situations -Tolerates side pulling -Increased safety -Economical guidance of ropes on drum -Extended rope life time -Savings in ownership Rope Guide Product Argumentation

11 BENEFITS -Easy and fast access to lubrication points -Lubrication process save, no point will be forgotten -Less downtime -Lower maintanance costs -Safe -Savings in ownership Central Lubrication Product Argumentation

12 BENEFITS -ONE inverter motor, no micro motors -Closed loop with Encoder -Only one size per hoist frame o 44kW CT17 o 60kW CT18 o 94kW CT19 and CT20 -Temperature monitoring -Fan cooled, CT19/20 with external fan -Very slow speed for precise handling -Fast lifting speeds for high productivity -Less maintenance and wearing parts (no micro motors) -Jogging and inching are avoided Hoist Motor Product Argumentation

13 BENEFITS -Magnetic dics brake -Hoist duty lifetime rating -High brake torque, 200% -Fully enclosed, IP 66 -No adjustment needed -Minor wear, holding brake! -High safety -Extended brake lifetime -Less maintenance costs -Savings in ownership Hoisting Brake Product Argumentation

14 BENEFITS -Oil lubricated -Grinded helical gear wheels -Only one size per hoist frame o 1:82 CT17 o 1:105 CT18 o 1:128 CT19 o 1:524 CT20 Long lifetime due to high accuracy manufactuting Less downtime Less maintenance cost Less different spare parts, less different training efforts Gear Box Product Argumentation

15 BENEFITS -Geared upper and lower limit switch -Four full adjustable switching points -Hook block operated upper limit switch -Increased reliability and safety -No mechanicle wearing parts -No damages to hoist structure in case of damaged gear limit switch Limit Switch Product Argumentation

16 BENEFITS -Set cubicles with readily configured controls -Space for additions (bridge inverters) -Horn 108 dB -Lightning in every panel -230V 10A socket outside and inside -PLIOTEX wire marking -Special flat-cable entry -Cubicles 1,5m/1m/0,4m with 2 doors -Easy and effecient integration into crane system -Fast and easy access -Easy maintenance Controls Product Argumentation

17 BENEFITS -Overload protection by strain gauge sensor -Measures rope force at pulleys -Cuts hoisting if force exceeds maximum pre-set limit -Protects hoist, crane and buidling structure from overloads -Increased safety at work Overload Protection Product Argumentation

18 BENEFITS -NovaMaster as standard -Overload supervision -Brake slippage and locked brake monitoring -Thermal motor protection -SWP counter -Tandem hoist sychronisation optional -Enhanced safety at work -Optimized service intervals -Lower downtime and cost of owner ship -Indentification of miss-use Condition Monitoring Product Argumentation

19 BENEFITS -Compact track gauge -Compact wheel base -Low headroom, top of rail to top of hoist -Equal wheel loads distribution, due to true vertical lift -„It‘s a winch“, as opposed to a package hoist -Optimal usage of space -Safe operation, no side pulling at runway end required -Lower investment in steel work -Longer lifetime, high availability -Investment savings Dimensions Product Argumentation

20 Look ahead! Solutions

21 Look ahead! -Hoist tandem control, sychronization -Crane tandem control -Anti sway control -Main and auxilary hoist -Motorized hook -Cable reel -Loads over 160t Solutions Overview

22 Look ahead! -Standard, NovaMaster Tandem: Electronic monitoring of safe tandem operation of two hoist Signal transmission between hoists via BUS cable Load summarization and crane overload -Options: Anti collision device LED load display, Sum load Lifting speed synchronization via inverter of two or more hoist motors on common crane Solutions Hoist Tandem Control CAN-bus

23 Look ahead! -Electronic monitoring of safe tandem operation of long loads by two cranes -Signal transmission between cranes via advanced radio controls -Anti-collision via photo-cells and reflectors -Matches the requirements of performance level “c” as per EN 13849 -Most comprehensive monitoring of crane conditions on tandem controls in the industry -Highest safety standard in the industry Solutions Crane Tandem Control

24 Look ahead! -Avoids harmful load peaks. Mechanical stress in electrical and mechanical parts is reduced (less maintenance) -Crane is easy to operate with optimal crane movements -Operator’s focus is in controlling the load movement and not the hoist or crane movement -Time is not lost in increased load swing and extended time to place the loads and the load handling is more efficient Solutions Anti Sway Control Indication LED light Sway ON/OFF Height measure unit Trolley + bridge inverter Encoder at rotating limit switch

25 Look ahead! -Every combination up to 160t possible Two similar hoist Two different hoist Different speeds or height of lift -Hoist tandem control via NovaMaster is allways included -Controll methods can be: V2 - only hoist A or B V3 - hoist A, or B, or A+B together -Options: Cable reel Service platforms, one or both sides LED load display … Solutions Main and Auxilary Hoist

26 Look ahead! -Includes all needed components for hoist for motorized hook version: Hook block Special reeving Cable reel Electrical components/design -Wide rope to rope base prevent skewing Solutions Motorized Hook

27 Look ahead! -Spring operated cable reels -Lifting heights up to 26m available -Available standard solutions: -Special solutions on request Solutions Cable Reel

28 Look ahead! -Loads over 250 t are available on special request Solutions Loads Over 250 t

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