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Baby Boomers and Beyond Erica Compton - ICfL Rebecca Melton – CLN Post Falls Twylla Rehder – CLN Outreach Diane Rice – Ada Community Library Sue Walker.

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1 Baby Boomers and Beyond Erica Compton - ICfL Rebecca Melton – CLN Post Falls Twylla Rehder – CLN Outreach Diane Rice – Ada Community Library Sue Walker - ICfL

2 Why Bother with Boomers?


4 In 2007, 230 libraries were surveyed. 65% of respondents said midlife adults were “important” to their library but only 6% had specific programs or plans in place Research has shown that library services for “seniors” do not match the characteristics or interests of midlife adults. Changes we make now will benefit all future generations.

5 Created as a collaborative effort of the California State Library, Idaho Commission for Libraries, Oregon State Library, and Washington State Library in partnership with the Pacific Library Partnership. Funded by a grant from the U.S. Institute for Museum and Library Services, Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program with additional support from the participating State Libraries.

6 Idaho Participation 17 Fellows Representing 14 libraries

7 Fellowship Requirements: Attend webinar and Portland training institute Complete six online learning courses; Implement TLA50 approaches in their own libraries, including appropriate programs & engagement strategies; Disseminate TLA50 concepts through professional & public presentations, conferences and/or contributions to written resource materials; Share experiences and insights through social networking sites.

8 Six Modules Strategic Facilitation Community Assessment Engaging Adults through Programming & Social Media Partnerships & Collaboration Volunteer Engagement Evaluating Results

9 Strategic Facilitation Meeting facilitation is a good time and organizational management skill. Facilitation skills include– listening, responding, asking, coaching, assisting. To think strategically requires anticipating possibilities, and helping others to grow in their awareness of those possibilities. Together, with advice, preferable options will surface and can be followed. It’s the strategic aspect that adds another dimension to this skill.

10 Mid-Life Adults Advisory Committee

11 Community Assessment & Engaging Adults through Programming and Social Media Rebecca Melton Twylla Rehder

12 Programming for Mid-Life Adults Diane Rice – Ada Community Library

13 Programming Ideas Boise Public Library - Books to Action Sarah Kelley Chase and Becca Stroebel Reading Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Kristof & WuDunn Offering two book discussions at different times and locations to accommodate multiple schedules Partnering with the Women's and Children's Alliance (WCA) to do a service project (yard cleanup, window washing)

14 Social Media Burley Public Library: Started a FB page for the library. Module 6 cemented the ideas and methods for moving forward with this. Valerie has taken this on. Looked at Snake River Community/School library and followed their model. Keep in mind that something has to be posted every week and having one staff responsible for this is important. Some comments coming in from foundation, or families. They have 70 or so friends now.

15 Partnerships and Collaboration Barbara Nolan CDA Public: Formed a committee with local fellows (CLN), the idea is to brainstorm and work together and be able to offer same programs in multiple libraries, reaching more of the Boomer population this way.

16 Volunteer Engagement Heather Stout-Lewiston City Library: We now have a “volunteer notebook,” that has been totally revamped and redesigned after the Volunteer Engagement segment of the fellowship. We now have a baby boomer volunteer that works directly with baby boomers on computer skills. We are re- examining, re-writing and re-inventing our volunteer positions because of TLA50 – it was the most beneficial part of the fellowship. Edie Waite, Jerome Public Library: I am currently revamping the volunteer program. We have had several volunteers call or stop by to sign up. We had an announcement in our city newsletter about volunteering in various city departments and the response has been favorable. I will also search for a Volunteer Coordinator.

17 Volunteer Engagement Burley Public, Julie Woodford: Julie had a large project (putting barcodes on back of books and removing old ones) and put signs on the doors requesting volunteers for the project. She pointedly wrote that if they did not get volunteers, the project would not get completed. One woman has taken the lead on the project and is continuing to organize the other volunteers. They now have two “regulars” from the community and a number of people that can help for shorter periods of time. Jennifer Hills, Twin Falls Public: Looking at how to expand existing volunteer program. Has talked with her director about VE ideas and they are now excited about how to revamp the volunteer program they have.

18 Evaluating Results

19 Next Steps ICfL Webpage Mid-Life Adults Advisory Committee The Messenger e-newsletter PLA Presentation Spring 2012

20 Questions

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