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The Village Movement: “Aging in Community” March 13, 2014.

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1 The Village Movement: “Aging in Community” March 13, 2014

2 What Makes a “Village” w w w. v t v N E T W O R K. o r g Grassroots Membership Organization Self-Governing Self Supporting Volunteerism Consolidator of Services Strategic Partners Focus on the Whole Person

3 All “Villages” will have pieces of all of these elements Concierge Assistance of Living Community Building w w w. v t v N E T W O R K. o r g Villages are consumer-driven no matter how they were founded, funded, or staffed Do not reinvent the wheel Consolidator of Services One stop shopping

4 Villages Across the Country Average age of members is 75 Individual membership cost o Average= $428.51 (range $25-$948) Household membership cost o Average= $572.93 (range $50-$1,285) Discounted memberships o 67% of Villages offer discounted memberships w w w. v t v N E T W O R K. o r g

5 Villages Across the Country Total Yearly Budget Median yearly budget = $82,643 Minimum = $1,000 Max = $674,000 Funding Sources 50% membership dues/fees 24% donations 12% foundation or corporate grants 12% non-profit organization contributions 2% government grants w w w. v t v N E T W O R K. o r g

6 Village Movement Continues to Grow 125 Open Villages 20,000+ Village members Activity in 39 states and 3 countries (Australia, Netherlands, Canada) Many more communities in development

7 An Organization by Villages - for Villages National peer to peer network o Joint 50/50 partnership – Capital Impact Partners and Beacon Hill Village Mission o To enable communities to establish and effectively manage aging in community organizations initiated and inspired by their members. Objectives o Promote the Village model for replication; o Assist new, emerging, and established Villages to create sustainable organizations; o Design benefits and programs to meet the needs of individual Villages; and, o Research and evaluate the impact of Villages

8 VtV Network Highlights 2014 Membership o Currently 210 members of VtV Network o 15 new members since Jan 1, 2014 o 80% renewal rate w w w. v t v N E T W O R K. o r g

9 2014 Member Benefits Highlights Business and Sustainability Grants o $65,000 awarded to 14 open Villages o Focus on activities to strengthen Village operations – e.g. business plans, technology assessment, new member ambassador program Tools and Resources o Creating Strategic Alliances o Village Better Buys – rolled out in 2012 o National Village Exchange

10 Member Benefits Highlights Forums – 470 unique threads o Top discussions: Low income members, communication in start up, model without paid staff Webinars – webinars hosted o Art of Fundraising, Board Governance series, Insurance basics - among other topics requested by members

11 Community, Collaboration and Cooperation National Village Gathering o The year of advocacy! o September 2014 o Washington DC  “Day on the Hill” o Meeting prep/training at Webinars w w w. v t v N E T W O R K. o r g

12 Spreading the Word Outreach Activities Present at dozens of national/regional conferences Media Highlights: o NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams o Washington Post o Aljazeera America w w w. v t v N E T W O R K. o r g August 18, 2012 It Takes a Village

13 Advisory Council VtV Network Encourage and facilitate the flow of ideas within Village to Village Network. Create a meaningful body of information and resources. Advise the Board of Managers.

14 Advisory Council Goals & Priorities w w w. v t v N E T W O R K. o r g 1. Improve “Value Add” for Membership. 2. Improve Member Satisfaction & Perception of Value. 3. Increase Membership. 4. Increase Revenue & Funding. 5. Improve Sustainability & Effectiveness. 6. Build the “Business Case” for Villages.

15 VtV Network and the Future Create new interest and drive the growth of the Village movement Expanded Member Benefits o Village BetterBuys- new providers/products o National Village Exchange- launch o Tools to help Village thrive o 4 webinars/month

16 Changing the Landscape Research and Public Policy o VtVN continue to demonstrate the efficacy, impact, and effectiveness of Villages o Continue collecting and analyzing Village information from the Archstone Foundation grants o Support Village efforts to reach out to health insurers and providers o Work with Villages to collect critical information to impact policy

17 VtV Network and the Future Promising practices Support new Village groups o low/moderate income areas o Veterans o LGBT o Rural areas o Baby boomers

18 Contact Us! 617-299-9638 w w w. v t v N E T W O R K. o r g

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