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Quality Goes Green Janie Neumann, Industry Sustainability Manager EUTO Annual Study Visit, September 29, 2012 1.

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1 Quality Goes Green Janie Neumann, Industry Sustainability Manager EUTO Annual Study Visit, September 29, 2012 1

2 2 “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.” Source: UNEP/UNWTO Sustainable Tourism- What is it?

3 3 Sustainable Tourism Reduce seasonality of demand Low impact on environment Protect & enhance natural & cultural heritage Energy, waste & water efficient Community engagement Local sourcing Economic Social Environmental Sustainable Tourism- What is it?

4 4 Development models based purely on economic growth have failed Leading to poverty, climate change, biodiversity loss, financial collapse, etc. Scottish Government’s commitment to sustainable economic growth Tourism and the Natural and Cultural Environment- A special relationship Dependent on healthy environments, distinctive cultures, social interaction Visitors attracted by scenery, wildlife, culture, history and authenticity Protecting and enhancing the Scottish environment, society and culture are vital to the brand, the industry and sustaining Scotland’s economic growth Sustainability is good for business – improving efficiency, cutting costs, enhances product and service Increasing legislative drivers- Climate Change (Scotland) Act, Zero Waste regulations Why is it important?

5 5 The business case for sustainability Increased efficiency Engaged employees Cost Savings Preservation of destinations Improved service Market advantage Legal Compliance The Business Case for Sustainability “What is in it for me?”

6 Growing consumer awareness of sustainability issues 83% of UK visitors say that sustainability is very or quite important when making holiday choices 73% would holiday outside the busy season 71% would chose crafts, services and foods provided by locals 64% would holiday at home rather than overseas 50% would use public transport, cycle or walk while on holiday Would chose sustainable option if it doesn’t compromise cost, time, and quality of experience 6 Consumer Demand

7 7 “VisitScotland aspires to make Scotland the most economically, environmentally and socially sustainable destination in Europe. As an organisation, we aim to be recognised as a leader in sustainable tourism development, not just within Scotland but at a European and World level. We aim to make VisitScotland the sustainable national tourism organisation, recognised for our efforts to reduce the environmental impact, and maximise the economic and social benefits, of our own operations.” Visit Scotland’s Sustainability Vision

8 8 Reduce the seasonality of demand Reduce the impact of tourism transport Minimise tourism resource use and waste Protect and enhance the natural & cultural heritage Enhance quality of life for Scottish communities Improve the quality of tourism jobs Make holidays in Scotland available to all Support adaptation to climate change in the tourism sector Build an effective evidence base for sustainable tourism Promote the integration of sustainability in the tourism sector Sustainable Tourism Objectives

9 9 VisitorsBusinesses Internal Operations Strategic Partners Sustainable Tourism Strategy… delivered through activity with : Seasonal marketing campaigns – encouraging demand out of season Public transport promotion Year of Natural Scotland 2013 Carbon Management Programme GTBS membership across estate Sustainable Procurement Incorporating sustainability into Quality Assurance Promoting certification Accessible Tourism Project Advice and Support Zero Waste Scotland Carbon Trust Scottish Natural Heritage

10 VisitScotland Quality Assurance To guide and reassure visitors by providing accurate, credible, easy to understand information To maintain and improve quality and drive up standards To provide marketing support for the industry Annual on-site visit from Quality and Tourism Advisors Over 7,000 businesses Quality Assured and graded 70% - 80% of all Scottish accommodation businesses 90% of all Scottish Visitor Attractions

11 Green Tourism Business Scheme GTBS is a sustainable tourism certification developed in partnership by VisitScotland and Green Business UK in 1997 Over 800 members in Scotland England, Wales and Northern Ireland & Ireland introduced the scheme Now 2300 members across UK & Ireland Largest and most established scheme of its kind in the World Quality Assurance and ‘Green’ / Sustainability reassurance hand in hand


13 13 10% of QA businesses are in certification schemesOpportunity to drive sustainability in other 90% Build on and develop strength of Quality Assurance model Time for a new definition of ‘Quality’ that supports sustainability Around 2/3 of businesses would like to see aspects of sustainability included in the VisitScotland QA schemes Quality goes Green- Why?

14 14 An information gathering process to answer the question … How best to incorporate sustainability into QA What are businesses already doing – any differences by type, size, location What are the barriers to extending sustainability practice What advice and support is needed – basic advice provision Quality goes Green- Sustainability Survey

15 Sustainable Management Customer engagement & Communication Energy Water Purchasing Waste Transport Natural & Cultural Heritage Quality goes Green- Sustainability Survey

16 445 quality assured serviced accommodation businesses surveyed (mid Jan- end of June 2012) 16 Star RatingBusiness Type Quality goes Green- Survey Sample

17 Top 10 actions- energy efficiency measures, waste recycling and some use of local food 10 least common actions- customer and community engagement and environmental management Variations – Business type, Star rating, GTBS Members, Regions 17 Quality goes Green- Survey Results

18 Understanding of activities businesses are undertaking Ranking of actions undertaken by businesses Build on businesses’ strengths Offer support and advice in areas where businesses could benefit from further actions Options for incorporating Sustainability into Quality Assurance 18 Quality goes Green- Sustainability Survey

19 Develop Cross sector info on actions to consider Legal requirementsContinuous improvement Recommend Jointly identify further actionsProvide advice and support Review What actions is business already undertaking 19 Quality Goes Green

20 Aim to raise awareness and get a wide range of businesses to implement basic sustainability measures on which to build further activity Quality grading not affected by sustainability activityProvide advice and support; working with partnersFocus on business benefitsProvide a benchmark of sustainability at business and sector levelEncourage increased participation in a certification schemes Ensure Quality assurance will continue to reflect consumer and industry preferences and stay at the leading edge 20 Quality Goes Green

21 Global Partnerships in Quality Assurance VisitScotland’s Consultancy Services Team helps regional and national tourism economies develop Quality systems. The focus is on: improving quality and standards in collaboration with local industry stakeholders developing or enhancing a scheme that is industry supported providing consumers with a better customer experience and delivering benefits for businesses

22 Developing quality together Current partnerships include: West Sweden Tourist Board Namibia Tourism Board

23 VisitScotland Colin Houston Quality Manager VisitScotland Questions Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe, Argyll

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