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2010 Voluntary Benefits Open Enrollment December 15 – 31, 2009!

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1 2010 Voluntary Benefits Open Enrollment December 15 – 31, 2009!

2 2010 Voluntary Programs NEW – Universal Life Insurance with Long Term Care Benefits Short-Term Disability Insurance Cancer Insurance Accident Insurance Legal Protection Plan Supplemental Term Life Insurance Met Life Auto/Home Insurance Pet Insurance

3 Enrollment Process Team Members And Their Eligible Dependents may apply for coverage during this open enrollment with limited health questions required. Premiums are paid through Convenient Payroll Deductions while employed here at Bosley and since your policy (ies) are individually owned, they are also fully portable (except for the STD) if you should leave employment for any reason.

4 New Universal Life Insurance Flexible and Permanent Coverage Cash Value Accumulation Fund Living Benefits for Terminal Illness and Long Term Care Expenses Unique Loss of Work Premium Waiver Optional EZ-Value Increase Rider Special Guaranteed Issue Offering During This Enrollment Period Only!

5 LifeEvents ® Advantage Universal LifeEvents is uniquely designed to match the needs of team members as they go through life The LifeEvents® Advantage: For the same premium, it pays a higher death benefit during working years and continues higher living benefits during retirement years compared to traditional universal life

6 $33,333 Life $100,000 Life Before Benefit Reduction After Benefit Reduction LifeEvents ® Advantage At the same time, your living benefits continue at the full original level so you have maximum protection when you are more likely to need long term care Death Benefit Reduces To 1/3 (The Later of Age 70 or Policy Year 15) $100,000 LTC

7 Death Benefit Restoration LTC When LTC provides accelerated benefits Death Benefit Restoration Death Benefit Restoration : Restores Face AmountAccumulated Value The Face Amount and Accumulated Value (and any applicable surrender charges)

8 Universal Life Optional Rider EZ Value Increase $1 Increase Per Week for 10 years Universal LifeEvents ® with LTC Nonsmoker, age 30 at issue, $50,000 death benefit; $9.98 per week deduction

9 Short-Term Disability Insurance Provides Financial Security When You Need It Most Non-Occupational Coverage Minimum Monthly Benefit $300 Maximum Monthly Benefit $6,000 CA 25% OR 35% of gross monthly income/ Others 60% Elimination Period – 7 day accident/ 7 day illness Benefit Duration – 3 months This plan will offset any SDI benefits – (total amount of benefits including all coverage plans cannot exceed 100%)

10 Cancer Insurance Designed To Cover The Non-Medical Expenses Associated With Getting Well BASIC PLAN BENEFIT: $200 Daily Hospital Confinement Benefit $1,500 Chemo/Radiation Benefits Per Calendar MONTH Up To $3,000 Surgical Benefit Annual Wellness Benefits Transportation & Lodging Benefits Optional Critical Illness & Hospital Intensive Care Riders

11 Accident Insurance Being Prepared For The Unexpected Can Make All The Difference 24 Hour Coverage On And Off The Job Accidental Death And Dismemberment Benefits Wellness Benefits (after 12 months) Benefits are Paid Directly to You To Use As You See Fit

12 Legal Insurance Did you know that every year 1 out of 2 families require the services of an attorney? $14.00 per month will cover team member, their dependent spouse/children (under age 25) and any other dependents living in the plan members home such as a parent or grandparent. Free Legal Services such as: simple and living will, consultations, document reviews, phone calls, letters, small claims court assistance, tax preparation/advice, financial education and credit counseling services. Discounted Fees for services such as Traffic Ticket Defense, Bankruptcy, Simple Divorce, Real Estate Closings. Identity Theft Insurance (not available in NY) provides $25,000 to help offset some of the cost of restoring their credit. Also includes identity monitoring, recovery benefits and lost/stolen credit card assistance for all states. Life Events Counseling 24/7 is included. Free Membership after 6 years of continuous participation that will allow member access to all of the free and discounted legal benefits. Payroll deductions will be reduced at a significant rate at that time so that members can access other non-legal related services.

13 Supplemental Term Insurance Coverage for Team Members and Dependents Amounts From $10,000 up to $500,000 (Spouses 50% of Team Members Amount up to $125,000 and Children up to $10,0000 Coverage will Reduce at Age 65, 70 and 75 Waiver of Premium (after 9 month waiting period) Conversion Option Available (not at current rates)

14 Met Life Auto/Home Insurance Up to 15% Special Group Discount Additional Multi-Policies Discounts Enroll Directly with Met Call 1.800.438.5388

15 Pet Insurance Plans start at only $19.00 per month for dogs and $14.00 per month for cats Covers Illness, Accidents and Injuries Optional Routine Care Coverage Enroll Directly with Pet’s Best Call 1.888.457.2121 USE PROMO CODE: EBBOSLEY

16 NEXT STEP Talk with a Benefit Representative Review Personal Options Visit Bosley Voluntary Benefits Website Call 800-229-3642

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