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Greek and Latin Root Lists 9th Grade

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1 Greek and Latin Root Lists 9th Grade
Common Core Common Assessment L

2 Latin Roots List 1 Ab- off from Able- able to be Amphi- both
Ante- before Anthropo- man Anti- against Aqua- water Be- completely Bi- two Bio- life -logy – study of

3 Latin Roots List 2 Centi- one hundred Cephalo- head, brain Chron- time
Circum- around Com- together Contra- against De- from, down Deci- ten Di- two, twice Diplo- double, twice

4 Latin Roots List 3 Dis- away from Duct- lead, tube En- in Endo- within
-ette – small Epi- outside Equ- equal Ex- former, out Extra- beyond -ful - full

5 Latin Roots List 4 -graph – write Helio- sun Hetero- different
Hex – six Homo- same, man Hydro- water Hyper- beyond Hypo- under Im- not In- into, not

6 Latin Roots List 5 Iso- equal, same Inter- among, between
Intra- within -ism – act, condition of -less – without -logy – study of -ly – in a way Macro- long, large Magni- great, big Acro- top most

7 Latin Roots List 6 Marine- sea -ment – act -meter – measure
Micro- small Milli- one-thousandth Mis- wrong Mono- one, single Multi- many Neo- new -ness – state of being

8 Latin Roots List 7 Non- not Omni- everywhere Ortho- correct, straight
Over- excessively Pan- whole, all Per- completely -phobia – fear Photo- light -pod – foot Poly- many

9 Latin Roots List 8 Pro- for, go before Psuedo- false Re- background
Retro- backward -some – like, show Semi- half Sept- seven Sex- six -ship – condition -scribe - write

10 Latin Roots List 9 -sphere – globe, earth Sub- under, beneath
Tele- at a distance Terr – Earth Tri – three Therm- heat -tion – act, state of Trans- across, beyond Tetra- four -tropic - responding

11 Latin Roots List 10 Un- not -ward – direction of Super- excessive
-plasma – liquid, molded -some – a body -lysis – destruction Lyso- loose Inocul- implant Infer- low, underneath -troph - nourish

12 Latin Roots List 11 Met- change Telo- end -phase – appearance
-zyg – paired Nom- name Hapl- simple Ana- up, back -id – condition Tax- arrange -nomy – science of

13 Latin Roots List 12 Mono- one, single Protest- very first
Path- disease Myco- fungus Strept- chain Staphl- cluster -phyt – plant Auto- self Ect- outside Mast- breast

14 Latin Roots List 13 Paleo- old Psych- mind Pulmon- lung Zo- animal
-cide – killing -gram – write, draw -logist – specialist -scope – viewing Centi- one hundredth Kilo- one thousand

15 Latin Roots List 14 Permea- pass through Phag- eat
Pinna- feather, wing Aer- air An- without, not -sis – act of Mei- less -mer – part, segment Centre- center Ideo- idea

16 Latin Roots List 15 Act- do, act Apert- opening Base- low
Cap- seize, take Cede- give in, go Cred- believe Com- together Dict- say Fer- bear, carry Fact- make do

17 Latin Roots List 16 Humidi- moisture Luni- moon Noct- night Sol- sun
Temp- time Veri- true Batho- depths Xero- dry Luci- light Alpin- mountain

18 Latin Roots List 17 Mit- send Plic- fold Pon- put, place Sequ- follow
Spec- see Stat- stand Tact- touch Ten- hold Tend- stretch Uni- one

19 Latin Roots List 18 Ven- come Ver- true Bi- two Com- together
Pre- before Hyalo- glass Mal- bad, ill Ob- against Post- after Se- apart

20 Latin Roots List 19 Ad - Toward Agri - Field Astro – Star Avid – Bird
Bibli - Book Cor - Body - dom – Rank, position Dem – People Flu – Flow Colla – glue Geo - Earth

21 Latin Roots List 20 Quad – four Hepta – seven Octo – eight
Novem – nine Dec – ten Dodeca - twelve Identi – alike Hetero – different Flasi – flase Crypto – hidden Co - together

22 Latin Roots List 21 Coeno- common Petiole- stalk Acantho- spine, thorn
Neuro- nerve Extra- above, beyond Dent- teeth A- without Para- similar Bene- well Vice- instead of Phore- carry

23 Latin Roots List 22 Port – carry Viv – live Fascis – banded
Oculus – eye Phyll – leaf Odont - teeth Venter – belly Hepta – liver Dia – across Cyto – cell Chrom - color

24 Latin Roots List 23 Pterid – fern Fungi – fungus Neo – new Bryo – moss
Phyto – plant Vita - life Di – apart Dendro – tree Arid – dry Ampelo – vine -ell – small

25 Latin Roots List 24 Cardi – heart Epi- on, upon Oid- like, resemble
Voc- call, voice Tort- turn, twist Arbor- tree -it is – inflammation Bateria- bacteria Audi- hear Mort- death Mito- thread

26 Latin Roots List 25 Alb- white Scope- see, look Spin- thorn, backbone
Equ- equal Vacat- empty Pan- all, every Myria- many Ploe- more Part- part Eremit- solitary Plast- to form, mold

27 Latin Roots List 26 Aniso- unequal Feli- cat Cani- dog Pisci- fish
Myia- fly Eque- horse Entomo- insect Muri- mouse Herpet- snake Arach- spider Chlor- green

28 Latin Roots List 27 Cyst- bladder Tars- ankle Procto- anus
Branchi- arm Doro- back Osteo- bone Stern-breast Seta-bristle Bucca-cheek Infer- bring Nucleo- small

29 Latin Roots List 28 Corn- horn Articul- joint Nephro- kidney
Pneum- lung Myo- muscle Ora- mouth Cervic- neck rhino- nose Conch- shell Crani- skull Syn- with, together

30 Latin Roots List 29 Stetho- chest Digit- digit Oto- ear Ovi- egg
Opto- eye Plum- feather Carnivo- flesh Carnivo- flesh Ped- foot Adeno- gland Man- hand Zo- animal

31 Latin Roots List 30 Cortex- back Gemma- bud Flora- flower
Gastro- stomach Nigra- black Phyll- leaf Caryo- nut Rhiz- root Video- see Gamma- magnetic unit Deutro- second

32 Latin Roots List 31 Spermato- sperm Gastro- stomach Fermora- thigh
Pharyngo- throat Lipo- fat Chloro- green Histo- tissue Phelbo- vein Carp- wrist Endo- within Oxy- oxygen

33 Latin Roots List 32 Melan- black Tract- throat Virid- green
Erythro- red Rami- branchlike Cavern- cave Violace- violet Leuc- white Flav- yellow Pro- before Bryo- moss

34 Latin Roots List 33 Xantho- yellow Cupr- copper Aur- gold Ferr- iron
Livid- blue Rubi- red Carb- coal Citrus- lemon Peri- around Plumb- lead Trache- wind pipe

35 Latin Roots List 34 Para- between Meta- between Ultra- beyond
Primi- first Necro- dead Hendeca- eleven Med- middle Hemi- one-half Duo- two Neg- negative Nem- thread

36 Latin Roots List 35 -eae (plant) ending of name Echino- spiny
Dermis- skin Arth- joint Carpo- food Oste- bone -ichthy- fish Olfact- smell A- not, without Acid- sour, sharp Gymn- naked, bare

37 Latin Roots List 36 Deoxy- oxygen deficient Chord- string
Coccus- berry -thesis- rule, law Syn- united Nudi- naked Bracilli- rod-shaped Spire- coli Vari- change Hemo- blood Ang- case

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