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A (L.) Away from A in A, A in AwAy from, A in Latin.

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1 A (L.) Away from A in A, A in AwAy from, A in Latin

2 A (G.) Not, no

3 AB (L.) Away from Absent = away from school

4 AD (L.) Toward Addiction = Going toward something you like

5 ALTER (L.) Another Alter = Alter ego, another personality

6 AMPHI Around, both Amphitheater goes around the area Amphibian can live in the water and on land

7 ANA (G.) Up Anabolic, anabolic steroids make your muscle mass go up Ana, think of a made up person in the movie Up! Named Ana

8 ANTE (L.) Before Anterior = coming before in time, earlier

9 ANTI (G.) Against Anti-onions – against onions Anti-smoking – Against smoking Anti-social – Against being social

10 CIRCUM (L.) Around Circumference = the distance around a circle

11 CO (L.) With, together Coexist = to live with/together Cooperate = to work with/together

12 CON (L.) With, together Conform = to act with the group

13 CONTRA (L.) Against Contradict = to go against what was said

14 DE (L.) Down, down from Descend = to go down Deflate = when air goes down Depression = when you are feeling down

15 DIA (G.) Through Diagonal = a line that goes through

16 DIS (L.) Apart, away from Dismembered = when pieces are apart Distant = when someone or something is apart or away from someone or something else

17 DYS (G.) Bad Dystrophy = like muscular dystrophy, your muscles die, that’s bad!

18 E (L.) Out of Exit = to get out of someplace

19 EC (G.) Outside Ecosystem = an outside environment

20 EM (G.) In, within Emphasis = you put stress in your voice

21 EN (G.) In, within Energy = something that happens inside, within

22 EPI (G.) Upon Epicenter = the point that is upon the center Epidermis = the skin that is upon the top

23 EX (L.) Out of, away from Extra-terrestrial = out of this world

24 HYPER (G.) Over Hyper = when you are overly excited

25 IN (L.) In, into, on, against, not Inside = in, not out Incomplete = not complete

26 INTRO (L.) Inside Introspective = to look inside oneself

27 OB (L.) Against Object = to be against an idea

28 OMNI (L.) Every, all Omnipotent = all powerful

29 PER (L.) Through Perceptive = in a way, seeing “through” someone Perennial = through the years, like flowers

30 PERI (G.) Around Perimeter = the distance around a 2d object

31 POST (L.) After P.S. stands for Post Script, as in, after the letter

32 PRE (L.) Before PREFIX!!! Yay we have come full circle! We have 8 more though, so bear with me. A PREFIX is the part that comes at the beginning, BEFORE the root of the word. Prejudice = is a judgment made before knowing the person Precede = an event that comes before another

33 RE (L.) Back, again Return = to come back Rerun = an episode that is shown again

34 RETRO (L.) Backwards Retrospect = looking backwards

35 SUB (L.) Beneath Submarine = a boat that goes beneath the water

36 SUPER, SUR (L.) Above Ok this one is silly, but SUPERMAN!! He has abilities above our own, Plus, he flies above us! Surface = is the part above the rest

37 SYM (G.) With, together Sympathy = to feel with someone

38 SYN (G.) With, together Synonym = a word that goes together with another word

39 TRANS (L.) Across Transmit = to send a message across something Trans-Siberian Railway cuts across Russia.

40 TELE Distant Telephone is used to communicate across a distance

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