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The Handling Camera1 Trainer Training The Handling Camera.

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1 The Handling Camera1 Trainer Training The Handling Camera

2 2 These training sheets describe: Setting up Recording Playback Putting it away

3 The Handling Camera3 Setting Up The system comprises: A CCTV camera A video cassette recorder (VCR) A television set

4 The Handling Camera4 Setting Up TV VCR Camera

5 The Handling Camera5 Setting Up The video cassette recorder (VCR) and television are already connected The camera needs to be connected to its power supply and to the VCR

6 The Handling Camera6 Setting Up The power/video lead should already be connected to the back of the camera 1 2 3 4 VIDEO OUT DC 12V ON OFF AES ALC To the VCR and power supply

7 The Handling Camera7 Setting Up Open the VCR front panel cover (pull forward with finger) Switch the VCR on

8 The Handling Camera8 Setting Up Push phono plug from camera into video socket (V)

9 The Handling Camera9 Setting Up Connect the low voltage power lead from the camera into the connector (normally found on the left of the VCR) –both the connectors are marked with a red label

10 The Handling Camera10 Setting Up Switch on the TV set –press the round black button –check that the red light comes on TV

11 The Handling Camera11 Setting Up Press the ‘TV’ button on the TV remote contol –the TV remote has a green label –if the camera has not yet been connected to the VCR, the TV will display a blue screen

12 The Handling Camera12 Setting Up Remove the camera lens Open the iris on the lens –keep the iris as open as possible (to reduce blur) Focus and zoom to suit –the lens must be re-focussed each time the zoom is changed

13 The Handling Camera13 Recording To start recording –press  REC and  simultaneously To pause recording –press  –press  to resume recording To stop recording –press 

14 The Handling Camera14 Playback Use basic controls –to find a particular recording –to review recordings at normal speed Use jog/shuttle or slow motion –to review handling in detail

15 The Handling Camera15 Playback - Basic Controls Using either the VCR front panel, or the the VCR remote control: –press  to start playback –press  to stop playback –press  to rewind –press  to fast-forward Press  to stop rewind or fast-forward

16 The Handling Camera16 Playback - Basic Controls High speed forward and reverse search: During playback: –press  for high speed forward search –press  for high speed reverse search –press  to resume normal playback For short searches, keep  or  pressed for more than 2 seconds. When released, normal playback will continue

17 The Handling Camera17 Playback - Basic Controls Still playback and frame advance: During playback: –press  to view a still picture –press again to advance the picture frame by frame –press  to resume normal playback

18 The Handling Camera18 Playback You can view pictures in slow to fast motion, or frame-by-frame, in either direction There are two ways of doing this –via the jog/shuttle controls –via the slow motion controls

19 The Handling Camera19 Playback - Jog/Shuttle JOG JOG/SHUTTLE SHUTTLE

20 The Handling Camera20 Playback - Jog/Shuttle During Play or Still: –press JOG/SHUTTLE The LED indicator will light –turn the outer ring (SHUTTLE) in either direction The farther the ring is rotated, the faster the search speed Releasing the ring stops the picture in the Still mode

21 The Handling Camera21 Playback - Jog/Shuttle –turn the inner dial (JOG) in either direction The tape moves forward or backward frame-by- frame The speed depends on how fast the dial is turned –to resume normal playback press the Play (  ) button

22 The Handling Camera22 Playback - Jog/Shuttle The recorder’s Jog/Shuttle controls function in the same way as those on the remote control

23 The Handling Camera23 Playback - Slow Motion V. (Variable) SEARCH

24 The Handling Camera24 Playback - Slow Motion During Play or Still: –press either V.SEARCH button The tape will move in the corresponding direction The more times the button is pressed, the faster the search speed To decrease speed, press the button for the opposite direction

25 The Handling Camera25 Playback - Tracking If noise bars appear during slow motion, correct using manual tracking –to adjust tracking during slow motion replay, press TRACKING (  or  ) on the VCR front panel cover to obtain the best picture

26 The Handling Camera26 Putting it Away Reverse of setting up Don’t forget to put the cap back on the camera lens If anything broke or needs attention, please mention it when returning the keys

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