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Subtitle Desire2Learn Capture 7.3.

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1 Subtitle Desire2Learn Capture 7.3

2 Subtitle Quick Refresh on Capture 7.2 Mobile playback for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry High Quality h.264 support for Web Capture Enhanced post production: inner cuts support Improved search – Deep Links – Searchable subtitles Support for Podcasting (audio and video) RSS, iTunes, iTunesU and various direct download options Improved OCR Support for shared console PC in a classroom.

3 Subtitle v7.2 was all about mobile playback The ability to play on-demand presentations on various mobile devices via HTML5, RSS, iTunes/iTunesU and direct download iOS, Android, Blackberry (phones and tablets)

4 Subtitle v7.3 Adds Support for Windows Phone 7 IE9 Mobile (HTML5) Offline Playback

5 Subtitle …and Cloud-based Capture Quality (h.264) Reliability (Wowza) Instructor’s browser User’s browser Webcam + PPT, Live and/or on-demand, 100% server-side

6 Subtitle Desire2Learn Capture 7.3 For viewers: – Expansion of HTML5. From selected mobile devices to all non-Flash devices – Scalability improvements. – Searchable transcripts. For presenters: – New document formats in addition to PPT – Pause during recording – Attachments. Presenters can attach related materials, URLs, etc to CaptureCasts ®. For administrators – Enhancements in user and repository management. – Automated error reporting and campus-wide performance monitoring

7 Subtitle HTML5 fallback Mobile Devices Smart TVs Non-Flash computers

8 Subtitle Live Webcasting Scalability Encoder Cloud-based Load Balancing Clients

9 Subtitle Better Search Tags Titles and names Screen content And now full transcript (SRT)!

10 Subtitle Present The Way You Want 7.2 and earlier: PPT or Screen Capture 7.3 supports new Office and PDF natively Via native conversion or new Aspose.NET

11 Subtitle Pause the Live Session or Recording Manual mode Live and On- Demand Via inner cuts Pause Button

12 Subtitle Better Post-Production Allows Producer users to cut segments in the middle of the presentation. Inner Cuts

13 Subtitle Attachments URLs (including related videos) Presentation materials Office Documents Power Point presentation Excel Spreadsheet Related Video

14 Subtitle Attachments Attachments are now visible in the Presentation Info Widget

15 Subtitle Better user management Search Customizable privileges for external users – LDAP – e-commerce, – LMS

16 Subtitle Automated Error Reporting Crucial for campus-wide Capture operation The administrator can see the campus-wide Capture heartbeat at a glance. Clicking on the warning gives a detailed report and possible solution.

17 Subtitle Advanced monitoring Room Status Live preview

18 Subtitle Hidden Webcasts Sometimes we not only lock the live session but hide it from the Portal completely Obscured URL Option to hide presentation

19 Subtitle Discussion

20 Subtitle Resources Info: Demo:

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