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Tegrity Campus Basic Recording & Management. Agenda Tegrity Overview User Interface Review How to Access Tegrity View Recording Basic Recording Basic.

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1 Tegrity Campus Basic Recording & Management

2 Agenda Tegrity Overview User Interface Review How to Access Tegrity View Recording Basic Recording Basic Management How to Obtain Support Q&A

3 Tegrity Overview What is Tegrity? Easy to use Key features –Search Anything TM –Smart Bookmarts TM –Tegrity Connect –Podcast streaming –Podcast subscriptions / downloads

4 What is Tegrity? Lecture capture and retrieval service –Cloud-powered and web-based –Automatically records, indexes and stores Content presented on computer screen Presenter’s voice (audio) Video of presenter (if desired) –Automatically creates other delivery formats (podcasts) –Enables personalized learning based on each student’s course enrollment Text search across all recordings in a course Smart bookmarks for study efficiency Contextual collaboration with classmates & instructor Recording delivery in requested format, if enabled. –Tracks usage for reporting & monitoring.

5 Tegrity is Easy to Use One click “Start/Stop” No change in teaching methods or pedagogy Just need computer & recording microphone Automatically captures, indexes, stores, and creates alternate delivery formats STOPSTARTPAUSE PC MAC STARTSTOPPAUSE

6 SearchAnything™ Search Metadata Anything presented on screen for 20+ seconds becomes searchable by students Search is across entire course Instructors don’t have to do anything for it to work!

7 Smart Bookmarks™ During Class: After Class:

8 Robert Tegrity Connect™ (In-Context Collaboration) Mike

9 Mobility: Podcasts and Streaming! X i Anatomy 101 Anatomy 101 Biology 101 Marketing The Brain Circulatorysystems Circulatory systems Reproductive system Upper torso Circulatory Systems: Heart functions SO O Podcasts, Enhanced Podcasts, Enhanced Vodcasts created automatically Streaming over the air (no downloading)! –Shows appropriate courses automatically –Extended feature set (search and bookmarks)

10 Automatically push lectures to the iPod for on- the-go learning Automatic, chaptered, easy to subscribe Mktg303 Tegrity Podcast 1/26/06 European Union Students easily navigate to specific parts (chapters) of their classes using text titles and images Podcast Subscriptions

11 User Interface Review My Tegrity (list of courses) –My Tegrity tabs –Tegrity media toolbar Course page (list of classes/recordings for a course) –Course tabs –Class chapters Playback experience

12 My Tegrity (for Instructor) Course title links; click to view list of recordings # of unviewed recordings Tegrity Connect with number of people online that are enrolled in any of user’s courses # of recordings Date last recording uploaded Links to useful features List of 10 most recently uploaded recordings Media toolbar

13 My Tegrity Tabs In Class –Add Bookmarks Now (also available via Quick Link) –Add Bookmarks from iPad, iPhone or iPod touch –Add Bookmarks from mobile phone Tests (within Course when proctoring enabled) –Start New Test Reports (Instructors only) –Weekly Summary –Detailed Reports –Custom Analysis –Outcome Analysis Help –Online help –What’s New –Get Support –Run Diagnostics

14 Tegrity Media Toolbar IconDescription Provides access to the Tegrity application for Facebook. Provides access to the Tegrity application for your iPhone. Provides access to the Tegrity application from your mobile phone. Enables user to subscribe to enhanced audio podcasts (MP4 / M4B) or video podcasts (M4V) for his/her courses. Enables user to subscribe to RSS feeds for his/her courses. Enables user to download MP3 podcasts for his/her courses.

15 Course Page (for Instructor) Course Title Class / Recording Titles (Links) Course Tabs Download Actions Menu Search across all recordings in course

16 Course Tabs Classes –Recordings by instructors for students Additional Content –Files and External Links (URL) –Visible only if additional content exists Student Recordings –Recordings by students –Visible only if student recording exists Tests –Remote test proctoring recordings –Visible only to instructor if test recordings exist

17 Course Page with Class Chapters Students see either “Review a Class” or “Record” in upper left corner of page. –“Record” text is only visible if student recording feature is enabled. Class / Recording Selected Class / Recording Chapters / Thumbnails Can start playback from any chapter

18 Playback Experience Search within current recording Instructional content window Instructor content window Smart Bookmarks Smart Slider with marks for each chapter & dots for bookmarks Audio volume Play or pause Back to previous chapter Forward to next chapter Speed control (PC only) View all chapters Print chapters Download recording Help Tegrity Connect Playback status Current location / total duration

19 How to Access Tegrity Click Tegrity course-specific link in LMS/CMS course Enter Tegrity instance URL in web browser Select login from Tegrity recorder (after it is installed)

20 Basic Recording Topics Requirements Install Recorder Create Recording Add instructor or other image Chapter / thumbnail creation

21 Getting Started Required –Computer –Microphone –Lecture Material (presentation, document, application) Microphone Options –Headset/Microphone –External USB Microphone –Wireless Microphone Optional: Camera, DVD, VCR, other input devices

22 Install Recorder 1.Access your institution’s Tegrity instance a.Via LMS/CMS: Click Tegrity link in a course b.Via URL: Login and click course link. 2.Click Download Recorder button. 3.Follow online instructions. –Different for PC and Mac

23 Recorder Install on PC

24 Recorder Install on Mac Remember to quit/shut down all browser applications after installation

25 Lab 1: Install Recorder Required: Install recorder on PC or Mac

26 Prepare for Recording Open lecture material (presentation, document, web page, or other application) that will be used during recording. Optionally, minimize applications. Reduces delay in accessing materials once recording started.

27 Create Recording (1) 1.Start Tegrity Recorder –Click Tegrity icon –Recorder window opens Or: (1) Login to LMS, (2) click course link, (3) click Tegrity link in course, and (4) click Record a Class button. On PC On MAC

28 Create Recording (2) 2.Select course from drop down list 3.Optionally, change recording title. 4.Click Record a Class button On PC On MAC

29 Create Recording (3) 5.When done, click stop icon in Tegrity toolbar. 6.When prompted, click Upload toggle (PC) or Save and Upload button (Mac). STOP PAUSE On PC On MAC On PC STOP PAUSE

30 Add Instructor Picture On PC –Click Select Picture –Browse and select image file –Click open and Select Picture button On Mac –Drag image file onto the image area on the record window. On PC On MAC

31 Lab 2: Create Recording of Screen and Audio Required: Create short 1 to 2 minute recording. –Change title to include your name Optional: Add a picture On PC On MAC

32 Chapter / Thumbnail Creation Chapters / thumbnails are automatically created at the following times: –Each slide change when using MS PowerPoint in slide show mode (when slide is on the screen for at least 20-30 seconds) –Each time instructor switches to different application –Each time recording is resumed from a pause –Each time a new annotation layer is created –After erasing all annotations –Every 3 minutes of screen recording or instructional video (when none of the above have occurred).

33 Playback Options Streaming –Class/recording (via computer browser) –iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch vodcast/podcast/audio streaming Downloading (local playback) –Class/recording –Podcast or Vodcast (sync with device) –MP3 audio Class/recording vs podcast playback –Class/recording playback includes instructor & instructional content –Podcast playback includes instructional content only

34 Playback Recording Online (1) 1.Access the Tegrity class/recording listing page for a course a.Login to your institution’s LMS/CMS b.Click course link c.Click Tegrity link in course OR a.Login to your institution’s Tegrity instance via URL.

35 Playback Recording Online (2) Course or Class Listing page is displayed. –Course List is list of all courses in which user is enrolled. (Click course name link displays Class List.) –Class List is list of all recordings in a course.

36 Playback Recording Online (3) 2.Click on name of one of your recordings –Automatically created chapters/thumbnails are displayed 3.Click on a thumbnail to begin playback (at that point)

37 Lab 3: Playback Recordings Required: Playback the recordings you previously made. Optional 1: Add a bookmark to a recording Optional 2: Use Tegrity Connect to chat with other online classmates

38 Basic Management Course Actions Menu –Class Actions Rename Copy Move Delete Publish (Unpublish) Get Class Link Make DVD Image –Course Actions Settings

39 Manage Recordings – Actions Menu (1) Actions menu is in the bottom left corner (within a course).

40 Manage Recordings – Actions Menu (2) Class Actions: –Rename = Change recording name or recording date –Edit = Modify recording with cuts, video insertions, adding closed captions, adding keywords, change chapter/thumbnail titles –Copy = Copy recording(s) to current or other course –Move = Move recording(s) to another course –Delete = Delete recording(s) –Publish = Make recording visible (publish) or invisible to enrolled students –Get Class Link = Get link to recording in order to manually post elsewhere –Make DVD Image = Download multiple recordings in a single zip file

41 Manage Recordings – Actions Menu (3) Add Additional Content –Upload File = Upload any file to course as related content; maximum default size 100GB –Add External Link = Add URL link to related content Course Actions –Upload Audio File as Class = Create new class based on uploaded audio file –Settings = Change course-specific recording and delivery settings

42 Manage Recordings – Change Name / Date 1.Click checkbox next to one recording title 2.Select Actions > Rename option 3.Change name or recording date 4.Click OK button

43 Manage Recordings – Copy / Move 1.Click checkbox next one or more recording titles 2.Select Actions > Copy (or Move) option 3.Select name of course to which you want the recordings copied (or moved) 4.Click OK button

44 Manage Recordings – Publish / Un-publish 1.Click checkbox next one or more recording titles 2.Select Actions > Publish option 3.Click toggle button next to desired option: –Always –Between two dates –Never 4.Click OK button

45 Manage Recordings – Get Class Link 1.Click checkbox next one recording title 2.Select Actions > Get Class Link option 3.Select and copy desired link: –URL –Embedded URL 4.Click Close button Note: When the Embedded URL link is pasted into a web page, a miniature Tegrity player is embedded in the page.

46 Manage Recordings – Course Settings

47 Manage Recordings – Course Settings (1) Recording –Enable enhanced mode –Enable minute counter –Allow students to record Publishing –Publish classes after upload –Automatically publish student recordings Delivery –Allow students to download classes –Enable MP3 Podcast (MP3 player, Linux) –Enable Enhanced Podcast (iPod/iTunes, Linux) –Enable Enhanced Video Podcast (iPod/iTunes, Linux) Delivery (cont.) –Enable video streaming to iPhone App –Enable RSS support –Disable student printing –Enable audio search –Enable Webcast Misc –iTunes U tab ID Tests –Enable student test (Remote Proctoring mode) –Show course testing policy when students start tests

48 How To Obtain Support Tegrity help site ( –Quick Reference & User Guides –Online Knowledge base articles Online help Tutorials (recordings on My Tegrity page) Send request to your institution’s helpdesk –Help > Get Support –Email –Phone –In Person Notes: Faculty and students should not contact Tegrity support directly. Only identified Tegrity Admins should contact Tegrity support

49 Questions

50 Institutional Objectives for Using Tegrity Increase student achievement & satisfaction Improve student retention Enhance student recruitment Support increased enrollment Boost competitive advantage Strengthen emergency action plan Raise perception as technology leader

51 Faculty Objectives for Using Tegrity Enrich and enhance student learning experience Accommodate different learning styles Extend reach beyond classroom Maintain control over course content Understand what concepts or topics need additional focus Transition to active learning

52 Student Objectives for Using Tegrity Learn material Prepare for tests Obtain clarifications Review content to enhance understanding Fulfill student presentation or demonstration assignments Students are able to pinpoint and review specific points in a lecture until they “get it”

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