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1 4 CH / 9 CH / 16 CH Digital Video Recorder User ’ s Guide.

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1 1 4 CH / 9 CH / 16 CH Digital Video Recorder User ’ s Guide

2 2 Type A : 4 CH DVR Type B : 9 CH DVR Type C : 16 CH DVR The DVR system front panel with different Type device 1. DVR I / O Connection

3 3 0 ~ 9: Channel select Zoom: Live zoom x 2 FREEZE: Live image freeze REC: Record button PLAY: Playback button SEQ.: Channel sequence Split screen select MENU: To main OSD setup Setup: To sub OSD setup Spot: Call monitor setup Reverse stepForward stepFast reverseFast forward Stop playback Direction button up/down/left/right Enter button PTZ: To PTZ control mode ESC: Exit menu Alarm : Call alarm relay Backup: to backup mode Power: DVR power On / Off button Type A doesn’t offers this power button

4 4 2) LOOP OUT Connection 3) Monitor Connection It connects audio source (mic) to audio input of RCA and connects speaker to audio output. It supports 10/100 BaseT, connects Cat5 cable with RJ-45 System rear connection detail 1) Video Source Connection It connects video sources (camera image) to BNC connector via cable. BNC connector of LOOP OUT can be used other device’s input. CVBS OUT/SPOT : It connects normal CCTV CRT monitor. S-VHS : It connects monitor that supports S-VHS(S-VIDEO) VGA : It connects PC monitor or LCD monitor (not supporting DVI) 4) Audio Connection5) Network Connection 1. It may cause low quality of picture when connecting cable from any device to LOOP OUT BNC. 2. Type A doesn’t support Loop out connection. 1.Type A doesn’t support S-VHS output. 2.Type A only offers 1 Spot output.

5 5 6) RS232 port Connection. RS232 port is connected to PC and other devices for specific function and After Sales purpose. It consists of 1 USB (Front), 1 USB (Rear), its supported devices are such as USB mouse, USB external HDD and USB memory stick * Alarm output 1~4CH It can be on/off for buzzer, headlamp etc. Alarm input mode consists of NORMAL OPEN and NORMAL CLOSE. Ref : The spec. Max24V/2A 7) USB port Connection 8) ALARM IN(SENSOR) Connection It consists of ALARM IN(SENSOR) and G(GND). Ref : The spec. is Max 6V/50mA 9) ALARM OUT Connection front rear Type A support 4 Alarm in. Type B support 8 Alarm in. Type C support 16 Alarm in. Type A support 1 Alarm out. Type B support 4 Alarm out. Type C support 4 Alarm out.

6 6 When you need to shift NTSC/PAL mode, turn off the DVR before shift switch, then restart the DVR. 10) Factory Reset Switch and NTSC/PAL Shift Switch Factory Reset Switch NTSC/PAL Shift Switch 11) Power Connection The factory reset switch located at the left side of NTSC/PAL switch is used to return to factory default setup values. The button should be pressed during power on. After OSD prompts "Factory reset detected" message on OSD, the button can be released. The booting procedure would go on after resetting setup values Type A, Power Supply is 12 V DC / 5A Main power can be turned on/off by switch. Type B and C, Power Supply is Micro ATX 100/240VAC, 60/50Hz, 4A Main power can be turned on/off by switch. Type A doesn’t offers this Factory reset function

7 7 Installation Guide for HDD & ODD devices Description JR 1 : PRIMARY JR 2 : SECONDARY 1. ODD(CD-RW/DVD-RW) devices should be installed as “Primary Slave”. 2. HDD for system needs to be installed as “Primary”. InstalledHDD System CD-RW/ DVD-RW Devices IDEConnectorIDEConnector HDD x 1HDD#1 PRIMARY MASTER JR 1SYSTEM PRIMARY SLAVE JR 1 HDD x 2 HDD#1 PRIMARY MASTER JR 1SYSTEM HDD#2 SECONDARY MASTER JR 2 HDD x 3 HDD#1 PRIMARY MASTER JR 1SYSTEM HDD#2 SECONDARY MASTER JR 2 HDD#3 SECONDARY SLAVE JR 2 Guide Chart for installing several HDDs MASTER : HDD#1 SLAVE : CD/DVD MASTER : HDD # 2 SLAVE : HDD # 3 1. Type A only offers 2 HDD and CD/DVD installed 2. Maximum supported hard disk is 750GB

8 8 System Power On Power on the DVR. It takes about 100 seconds to boot (It may take more when network cable isn’t connected) System Shutdown Select [SETUP > SYSTEM > SYSTEM SHUTDOWN] to shutdown system. It takes 30 seconds to shutdown. 2. DVR Operation

9 9 Monitoring screen : it monitors each channel. Upper-Left: Camera Name P – Pan/tilt (PTZ dome control) A – Audio Upper-Right: Record mode (Blue-Normal, Red-Event) Motion status Central : Video Loss, Hidden Camera Status Bar : DVR status Indication (Backup, HDD usage, Current Time, SEQUENCE, FREEZE, Login info. etc) 1 2 1 2 Monitoring Screen LOG IN Login to menu for setup Default: ID – admin PASSWORD - 1

10 10 SYSTEM Set up various system related items. INFORMATION DATE/TIME DISK USER LOG LOGOUT SYSTEM SHUTDOWN **It takes more than 10 seconds to initialize log 3. DVR Function Setup 3.1 System Setup

11 11 INFORMATION DEVICE NAME: User can change the DVR name on his own. LANGUAGE : Select language. VERSION : Shows S/W version info. (With UPGRADE button, you can upgrade the newest S/W version) INFORMATION Contact manufacturer or distributors for more Upgraded version. CONFIGURATION IMPORT : Import the backup configuration file on USB device, use this function user can setup other DVR with same configuration. CONFIGURATION EXPORT : Export the configuration file to USB device, use this function user can backup the configuration file and import to other DVR.

12 12 NETWORK Set up various NETWORK items LAN DDNS E-MAIL CALLBACK 3.2 Network

13 13 LAN STATIC TYPE Select STATIC IP. All setting values of IP, GATEWAY, NETMASK Need to be set manually. MAX CONNECTION Shows maximum numbers of Connectable users. (Up to 7) DHCP TYPE Default TYPE is DHCP Select during automatic DHCP IP. User set DNS only. (under the situation of DHCP server operating mode) ADSL TYPE In case USER ID, P/W are needed to input such as PPPoE of ADSL line


15 15 These are control lists of recording related functions. RECORD POLICY RECORD 3.4 Record

16 16 RECORD POLICY Select RECORD types. -Two types (Single Record, Overwrite) -Default Record Policy is Overwrite RECORD Set up specific record type per each camera. RESOLUTION Default resolution : 360x240 with 30FPS for each channel *The aspect ratio of local AVI backup is incorrect when recorded format is half D1. If we change record policy from overwrite to single when hard disk is full. It won't stop record immediately. It would stop after current record block is finished. It might be few minutes later *It doesn't support de-interlace for D1 format except local AVI backup Type A ( 4CH ) Type B ( 9CH ) Type C ( 16CH ) D1120 FPS Half-D1120 FPS240 FPS CIF120 FPS270 FPS480 FPS Recording Frame rate in different device type as below table (NTSC Mode)

17 17 EVENT This is for the control of all event items such as MOTION, SENSOR. MOTION SENSOR VIDEO LOSS SYSTEM 3.5 Event

18 18 Playback Screen : Record Playback Playback Time : Playback Time Display Display Status Playback Icon Pause ( Ⅱ ) Playback ( ▶ ) Multiple Playback( ▶ ▶, ▶ ▶ ▶, ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ) 1 2 1 2 3 3 It randomly shows the first searched record file when it goes to SEARCH MODE. This type is the same as on event search, so it is possibly not to shows The exact record file searched. 4. Search & Playback

19 19 DISPLAY Select screen division mode. Type A -> (1,4 split), Type B -> (1,4, 9 split) Type C -> (1,4, 9,16 split) CALENDAR SEARCH Select date, hour, minutes, seconds on calendar search. When you click MINUTE, you can find specific record status as right below. (Red color means emergency record ) SEARCH MENU SEARCH KEY (Front panel key) BACK STEP : Calendar Search REW : Move to the first recorded data FF : Move to the last recorded data STEP : Event Search STOP : Exit Playback (Return to Live Display)

20 20 FIRST Move to first part of recorded data. LAST Move to last part of recorded data. BOOKMARK Sets automatically starting time during back up. PLAYBACK USER INERFACE Playback buttons appears when locate the mouse pointer at the bottom of screen It is useful to set a bookmark as starting time of backup. For example : in playback mode, press BOOKMARK to set the backup start time and press BACKUP to set the backup end time.

21 21 BACKUP Use USB device to backup. 1) Backup Device Search 2) Select USB device to backup 3) Calculate data size 4) Warning when data size is over 5) Copy data to USB device 6) Backup to USB completed It would block remote search during local backup procedure. If users use defective media to backup, it might cause system reset

22 22 1 4 2 3 5 6 10 7 89 With connected to DVR remotely, it is to perform Remote Monitoring, Remote Search, Remote Backup etc. (Please install remote program from the program CD) 1. INTEL P-4 2. 256M or higher main memory(512M recommend) 3. WINDOWS O/S(WIN 2000, XP, Vista(32bit)) 4. 32MB VGA card supports RGB (ATI series recommend) 5. At least 10Mbps network speed (Max 100Mbps support) Environment conditions for Remote Program 5. Remote Connection

23 23 User can use Windows IE Browser connected to the remote DVR system. Remote Control : Use Windows IE Browser IE Browser will display DVR control center, Login with ID and Password, then you can control the DVR system through the IE Browser. After login successful it display ON-LINE 1. Right now it doesn’t support Firefox browser connected to the DVR system 2. Use IE Browser, it doesn’t support playback function If the viewer opens on IE, user needs to put connection IP on Select Internet Options  Security  Trusted sites ADD this website to the zone

24 24 DVR name : Specify a name that you can easily identify. Address : Specify assigned IP address to connect DVR (Type the Host name of REAL IP or DDNS.) 1 Connection information and Button Shows DVR ’ s name, IP address and connection status. DVR connection button. Add Modify Delete : Enter IP address and user authentication to connect DVR : Modify IP address and user authentication of the existing list : Delete existing use.

25 25 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 3 11 10 Camera Name Recorded Date/Time Green Border Line : Display the selected camera. 1 Playback Display 2 SECTION Selects section Section is created when Date/Time is changed to former times. Former Date/Time will be kept in section 0. Newly set Date/Time will be kept in section 1 …… 12 **Only one remote-playback connection is allowed Remote Search & Playback

26 26 1 2 3 456 1 Camera Name Recorded Time/Date Green border line : Display the selected camera. Play screen 2 Starting/End Move to end of record data Move to starting record data Play Progress Bar 6. Player Function

27 27 7. CMS Function Setup  Login When program is first executed, Please input User ID and Password Default – ID: admin, Password: 1. Detail operation please refer the user manual.

28 28 ▣ CMS System Requirements OSWin 2000 / Win XP / Win Vista CPUINTEL P-4 2.4Ghz or over(recommendsP-4 3Ghz,over ) Main Memory512MByte or over (recommends 1Gbyte,over) Video Memory64M over supports RGB (recommends 128Mbyte over) Resolution1024*768 over LAN Card10/100 Supporting card ProtocolTCP/IP 28

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