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Empathy Guy de Mey, tenor Dieter van Handenhoven, harpsichord Christine Kobus, harpsichord Erwin van Handenhoven, sound-design.

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1 empathy Guy de Mey, tenor Dieter van Handenhoven, harpsichord Christine Kobus, harpsichord Erwin van Handenhoven, sound-design

2 empathy A fresh idea “calmly rustling treetops in a fresh spring morning; crispy sprigs betray some timid footsteps, …” Sounds tell stories. We decode those sounds whole-day-long. Consciously or unconsciously. Small nuances are interpreted with great finesse. Antennas are constantly spread. We react. Emotions arouse. Concerts and Recitals, in general, don’t suffer any ‘distracting’ sounds. We might even look somehow irritated in the direction of a whispering neighbour. What we want is a pure musical experience and hereby extracting us from the real world. But sounds can also attract … This is the simple but exciting idea of EMPATHY: sound in service of music. Refined emotional sound-pictures that co-act with masterpieces from Renaissance and Baroque. A new and surprising dimension for a recital.

3 empathy An unusual concept An unusual cast: Guy de Mey is accompanied by two harpsichords. Sound is the fourth actor. An unusual situation: The listener is more active then ever. The introducing sounds build up a mental story and create an atmosphere. This brings an intense musical reception. An unusual scene: Two impressive instruments and, in-between, a minimalistic design decor. A dynamic and diversified interpretation with various postures. Tasteful and precise lighting.

4 empathy ‘ensemble’ Guy de Mey, Christine Kobus, Dieter and Erwin van Handenhoven have admired each others work for a long time. Until now their respective careers never gave them the opportunity to perform together. This is how this international project came into live. Guy de Mey The Belgian tenor Guy de Mey studied with Erna Spoorenberg, Sir Peter Pears and Eric Tappy. It all began in 1975 when he won the first prize at the Belgian National Pro Civitate competition. He can look back on an impressive international career with hundreds of concerts and opera performances throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Israel and Japan. He has made more than 50 recordings with renowned conductors (John Eliot Gardiner, Ton Koopman, Roger Norrington, Michel Corboz, William Christie, Jordi Savall, Nicholas McGegan, René Jacobs, Marc Minkowski...). Several of these recordings were distinguished with international prizes (Grand Prix du Disque, Deutscher Schallplattenpreis, Caecilia Axard, Diapason d’Or). Dieter van Handenhoven After studying organ and harpsichord Dieter Van Handenhoven is primarily active as a harpsichord player in several ‘ancient music’ ensembles. He has worked on productions from the Flemish Opera and he is an accompanist in the Musica Antiqua Bruges contest. He teaches organ and harpsichord and also conducts the department of ancient music in the academy of Sint-Niklaas. In addition to this, he also conducts the boys-choir ‘In Dulci Jubilo ‘ performing on an national and international basis. He is the invited guest conductor at the Flemish Radio Choir. Christine Kobus French harpsichord player. Christine Kobus has been the artistic director of the Baroque-ensemble Holone since 1996. She is in charge of the department for ancient music at the Conservatory of Belfort (France) where she also teaches the harpsichord. She has a special interest in the relationship between ancient music and theatre. Erwin van Handenhoven Industrial Designer, graduated in Antwerp. Erwin van Handenhoven is CEO of WINCOdesign, based in Strasbourg. He is active in many artistic and industrial fields and received several international Design Awards, such as ‘Red Dot’, IF, The Australian Design Award, Schweiz design preis, Janus de l’industrie and Prix de l’Observeur.

5 empathy a musical excursion An exquisite programme covering music from different countries in different languages from early-renaissance to late-baroque with utmost various sentiments An emotional mosaic of music and sound. ?!

6 empathy a program Het viel een coele dauwe old Flemish Folksong D’haver un consorte Francesco Cavalli (1602-1676) If my complaints John Dowland (1563-1626) Auf Erscheinet Georg PhilippTelemann (1681-1767) Ombre de mon amant Michel Lambert (1610-1696) Ma belle si ton âme Gilles Durant de la Bergerie (1550-1605) Sailors song Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) Brich brüllender Abgrund Georg Friedrich Händel (1685 -1759) Jetzund kömpt die Nacht Johann Nauwach (1595-1630) Danza Francesco Durante (1684-1755) Der Rheinische Wein Adam Krieger (1634-1666) Si dolce è il tormento Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)

7 empathy 2012

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