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8 th Grade Course Selection Mrs. Bishop 8 th grade counselor.

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1 8 th Grade Course Selection Mrs. Bishop 8 th grade counselor

2 Core/Academic Courses O Pre-recommended by teacher O Do not need to get signatures for academic courses O Academic courses will include: O Language Arts or Advanced Language Arts O Pre-Algebra/Algebra I Honors/Geometry Honors O U.S. History or Advanced U.S. History O Science or Advanced Science

3 Semester Electives (NO prerequisite required) O PE (at least 1 semester is required) O Art/2-D1 O Introduction to Agriculture O Business Keyboarding O Fashion and Interior Design O Exploring Technology O Drama O Number your choices 1-5 O No guarantee that you’ll get your 1 st choice

4 O Exploring 3-D Art O Must have taken Art/2D1 & teacher recommendation O Computer Applications I O Must have taken Business Keyboarding O Peer Assistant O Teacher recommendation and narrative Semester Electives (prerequisite required)

5 Full Year Electives (NO prerequisite required) O Chorus I O 7 th grade girls O Chorus II (mixed chorus) O 8 th grade girls O 7 th & 8 th grade boys O Band I

6 Full Year Electives (prerequisite required) O Fundamentals of A/V & Print Technology (Yearbook) O Essay to Mrs. Behnken O Band II O Must attend band camp O Symphonic Band O Audition required O Broadcast Communications (School News) O See Mrs. Williams O Office Aide O Teacher recommendation & narrative

7 High School Credit Earning Electives (counts toward High School GPA) O Agriculture Foundations O Must have taken Intro to Ag I, teacher recommendation & take advanced science O 1 high school credit O Personal & Family Finance O Online through Clay Virtual taken on LAJH campus O.5 high school credit O Introduction to Information Technology O 85% or better in Business Keyboarding, FCAT Reading level 3+, & teacher recommendation

8 Course Selection Due Date O Selection sheets are due no later than Wednesday, April 8 th to your language arts teacher O NO course selection sheet=NO choice for electives (we will choose them for you!)

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