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SieTec Security Ltd Case Studies 1 Your Systems Integration Specialist.

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1 SieTec Security Ltd Case Studies 1 Your Systems Integration Specialist

2 Close KiwiRail - Rail Departure Request System By incorporating RFID and other technologies we link Conductor Request to Depart through to the rail control centre who in turn send a Clear to Depart signal back to the platform to advise the Conductor to direct the train to depart Platforms completed include: Newmarket Britomart Onehunga Manukau Swanson

3 Close Veolia Transport – Rail Departure Request This was a continuation of the Rail Departure System for KiwiRail. The passenger traffic was such that the platform indicators could not be seen when signalling occurred. They approached us and we designed an extension to the system which pulse an overhead blue light during the Train Departure Request command and then upon Clear to Depart the Blue Light would go steady. This blue light can be seen from one end of the platform to the other with clear visibility even with a full platform The signalling lights are high intensity LED which unlike a strobe have an extremely long life span of some 50,000 hours continuous use. LED steady- and flashing beacon NES - 90 mm diameter wide voltage range due to SMPS technique 24 - 48 V AC/DC, 110 - 240 V AC/DC very good brightness - highest optical efficiency specially designed and optimized lens/optics up to date LED-technology absolutely shock and vibration proof, maintenance free long life time - 50.000h low nominal current inrush current limitation, EMC safe, leakage up to 3mA possible modular design - mounting options horizontal, vertical and pole

4 Close Transpower - Remote Metering Access PSTN Remote Metering Access Up to 7 individual points on standard system + 1 telephone port Optional FAX detection port can be assigned simply by programming More on larger systems Option of PIN code access per point Enables many different end users to access their own usage remotely Many power substations provide power to multiple end user providers and the providers need to be able to access their power usage that is being used by them and hence their customers at any point in time. When Transpower required a simple remote metering access for their various agents to be able to poll their own meter as required 24/7 they approached us a number of years ago. After coming up with a cost effective solution we have been supplying them since.

5 Close Transpower – Programmable Ring Detect The requirement for Transpower was to replace the existing ring detection rack slot PCB's with a new DIN Rail Mount unit. They approached us to see if we could comply and comply we did in more ways than one. It was not only the chance to upgrade our existing unit to DIN Rail Mounting but also an opportunity for change. There have been numerous application where we had to add external logic to our previous ring detect unit and now we have incorporated this logic in to the new model. Since then they are now being used at the Homer Tunnel for Ring Detect and Off Hook Detect so as they can remotely disconnect a telephone off the line should one be left off hook. They also have the option to automatically allow the phone to come back on line again should the receiver be replaced.

6 Close Transpower – wIND Industrial Telephones Industrial Telephones are currently being installed throughout Transpowers substations. These unit are being installed in areas of high voltage. These have been accepted because they are manufactured from high impact polycarbonate and hence do not conduct electricity. They not only proved to be extremely good performance wise but also very economical which made a huge difference when large quantities were required. Well designed Weatherproof telephone Designed for industrial and general applications Outdoor or indoor use Suits harsh evirons: sea water, high humidity, dust, Rugged strong mech. stress etc. Housing is made of impact resistant polycarbonate Door in yellow or transparent Protected against pollutions etc. Eye-catching signal colour yellow Easy recognition of telephone Output for secondary signalling sounder Optional visual call indicator (LED) High degree of protection IP 66

7 Close Contact information Auckland OfficePhone AK09 533 3101 Fax Contact Name 09 533 3103 Myles Russell Auckland EmailSee our “Contact Us” page Web AddressPO Box 18 156, Glen Innes, Auckland 7 Domain Rd, Panmure, Auckland You have just seen a few of our projects to give you an idea of what we do. So call us with your project integration requirements so as we can assist.

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