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1900-Monarchy 1950-Communism 2000-Democratic Republican.

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2 1900-Monarchy 1950-Communism 2000-Democratic Republican

3 Vladimir Lenin

4 Scarcity of goods and services

5 Conflicts between the people and their rulers in the USSR brought about political changes, and new nations were formed. Most of the new nations are located to the west and southwest of Russia, the largest of the former Soviet republic.

6 The harsh climate

7 Permafrost land

8 Eastern portion of the country

9 Russian

10 More money and new business projects are coming from outside sources

11 Worked for the state Make their own decisions about jobs

12 Can bring out both good and bad choices

13 Lenin

14 Constitution Branches of Government Free market enterprise

15 An economy where the government has less control

16 By diverting water from lakes to farm land.

17 Elections Laws Free speech

18 Shared beliefs and values

19 To strengthen Russian culture

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