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Network Video Recorder SVR-800 series

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1 Network Video Recorder SVR-800 series

2 Hardware Specification
TI DM8168 ARM® Cortex™-A8 Core TMS320C674x Floating-Point VLIW DSP 3 Programmable High-Definition Video Image Co-processing Engines Model channel HDD(4TB) RAID SVR-808 8 2 X SVR-816 16 SVR-816U 4(e-SATA) RAID5 (backup, mouse, keyboard,UPS) USB Power Switch Turn off buzzer IR receiver System status Alarm Network status HDD status VGA/HDMI Dual monitor 1G Ethernet Audio Line input/output Mic. input

3 Video display performance
Video format: MJPEG, MPEG4,H.264 baseline, main, high profile Resolution: 5Mp,3Mp,1080p,720p,D1,VGA,CIF,QCIF Performance 16CH: Max. display capability: 5Mp x p x17(16CH live+ 4CH playback+1CH snapshot) Max. display capability: 5Mp x7 + 3Mp x6(8CH live+4CH playback+1CH Snapshot) Support 1080p60 Display multi-channels with different video format and resolution Dual monitor 5Mp H.264 VGA MJPEG 720p H.264 1920X1080 H.264 1280X1024 MPEG4

4 Audio I/O Audio format: G.711, G,726 Input: Microphone, Line
Output: Line Support audio post function

5 Network Camera Compatibility
Support Onvif ProfileS & 40 major brands network camera manufacturers. Integrated by CGI commands Camera auto-search Configuration of camera video parameter Support multi-stream and two way audio Alarm notification of camera Motion detection trigger Event notification SMTP, FTP Record DI detection trigger

6 Dual Monitor Live Playback Main monitor Sub monitor Live View
Sequential View Event Settings

7 Live View OSD Save paten view Channel status Digital PTZ
Video Control panel

8 Event monitor Camera Icon, Double click to show live video Event list
1stimage of event video Double click to play video

9 Settings Tooltips Advance mode

10 Q3.Multi-stream Supports up to 4 streams
Dynamic display & manual control

11 Q3.Multi-stream Control video stream type manually

12 Q3.Multi-stream Display real-time video on split screen 640x480
SVR-800 NVR 1280x1024 1920x1080 Network camera Get video steam with different resolution from network camera 1920x1080 * Works with compatible multi-stream cameras only

13 SVR-800 Throughput rate Recording mode:80Mbps
Recording and local display are operated simultaneously: SVR-808 recording performance: 1080p, 4Mbps/CH, total 8CH 3MP, 6Mbps/CH, total 8CH SVR-816 recording performance 3Mbps/CH, total 16CH

14 SVR-800 remote access capability
Max. video session: 68 Display + playback Flexible system resources usage Sharing session between local and remote access For example: 16 session for local display, 52 sessions for remote access Sharing session between remote live view and playback For example: Without local display, each remote site access 2 live and 2 playback sessions. Max. 17 remote sites can connect NVR.

15 Backup Local backup through USB port(AVI, DB) Remote backup through PC
1)AVI export AP 2)Smart backup AP

16 SVR-800 Future Expansion Remote Backup Central management
Pi-VU Smartbackup Central management Pi-Vu central SDK Integration Remote Access Mobile viewer Video wall SVD-832 NVR Network camera

17 SVR-800 series 16CH/8CH SVR-816/808 16CH/8CH SVR-816e/808e MP:Q3 16CH
SVR-816U MP:Q3

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