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Rear Suspension Systems

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1 Rear Suspension Systems

2 Live-Axle

3 Live-Axle with Leaf Springs (Hotchkiss)
Leaf springs control side sway A large amount of un-sprung weight Take up a lot of space

4 Rear Axle Torque Reaction
Axle Wind-up

5 The axle is mounted off center on the spring
Note: The axle is mounted off center on the spring Helps prevent axle wind-up

6 Also……. Mounting one rear shock in the front of the axle and one behind the axle helps to reduce wind up and axle tramp OFF-SET SHOCK DESIGN

7 Live-Axle with Coil Springs
The upper control arms control lateral movement (side movement) The lower control arms control differential torque (wind up)

8 Trailing Arm

9 Used on many sports cars. Handles cornering loads better
“A” shaped control arms mounted at an angle, called semi-trailing control arms Used on many sports cars. Handles cornering loads better

10 Multilink Independent Rear Suspension
Note Hydraulic mount Superior noise and vibration dampening

11 Rear Suspension Systems On FWD Vehicles

12 Semi-Independent The axle assemble twists, gives semi-independent effect The axle assembly acts as a sway bar Track bar controls side movement

13 Tracking Bar with Diagonal Brace
Both prevent lateral (side) axle movement.

14 Independent Rear with MacPherson Struts
Caster & Toe adjustable Improved ride quality, steering control, tire life, & traction Lighter

15 Independent Rear with Shocks
Toe is adjustable Camber is not

16 Camber & Toe Adjustments

17 Transverse Mono Leaf Spring
Fiberglass Lightweight Compact High tension

18 Transverse Mono Leaf Spring
Tie Rods Trailing Arm

19 Torque loads create bushing and control arm deflection during braking, corning, acceleration and deceleration. This causes a toe change to enhance straight line stability Toe change during corning leads to quicker and more responsive steering Double Wishbone

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