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2 Suspension Service Overview
Testing the repair suspension parts. Measure spring height/replace springs. Testing shocks and struts/replacement. Checking suspension parts/ replace as necessary. Replacement of: ball joints, control arms bushings, control arms, steering knuckles, strut rods, strut rod bushings, stabilizers & stabilizer bushings.

3 Steering Service Overview
Testing and repair of steering parts. Test conventional steering parts for wear and damage. Test rack and pinion steering for wear and damage. Replace worn parts including: tie rods, idler arms, center links, pitman arms, pitman shaft seals, entire racks & power steering repairs.

4 Wheel Alignment Overview
Front wheel alignment. 4 wheel alignment. Hunter DSP 400.

5 Automotive Springs Leaf Springs Coil Springs Torsion Bars
Air Suspension

6 Leaf Springs Often used on trucks and SUV’s some car applications

7 Coil Springs Most common type on automobiles
Requires more sophisticated suspension system

8 Torsion Bars Popular on pick-ups and SUV’s
Adjustable on many applications

9 Air Suspension Used on luxury cars Complicated
Can use sensors and computer

10 Testing Springs Measuring height called ride height or curb height
Simple inch or mm measurement Need to know where to measure Must check specifications

11 Shock Absorbers Remove spring oscillations Dual Acting Direct Action
Telescopic Hydraulic Gas operated

12 Checking Shock Absorbers
Look for oil leaks Jounce test Bench test

13 Rear Suspension Rear suspension using leaf springs.

14 Control Arm Suspension
Steering knuckle Upper control arm Lower control arm Upper ball joint Lower ball joint Upper control arm bushings Lower control arm bushings Spring Shock

15 McPherson Strut Spring Strut (shock) Lower control arm
Lower ball joint Steering knuckle Strut rod Stabilizer

16 Inspecting Control Arm Suspensions
Visual inspection Control arms Steering knuckle Upper and lower control arm bushings Jack properly to check ball joints

17 Inspecting McPherson Strut Suspensions
Visual inspection Control arm Steering knuckle Lower control arm bushings Properly lift to check lower ball joint Strut

18 Strut Rods Strut rod is also known as a brake reaction rod. Strut Rod
or Brake Reaction Rod

19 Stabilizers Anti-Roll or Sway bar for better cornering.
Note: It mounts to each control arm and the chassis.


21 Conventional or parallelogram type used on trucks and large cars
Rack and pinion steering used on most cars STEERING LINKAGE

22 Conventional Steering System Parts

23 Steering Gear

24 Conventional Steering Linkage

25 Steering Linkage Detail
Idler Arm Tie Rod

26 Inspecting Steering Linkage
Inspect the following: Pitman Arm Idler arm Center link Tie-rod ends Rack housing Boots and bushings Grab the tire in the front and move back and forth. Observe parts for Improper looseness.

27 Rack and Pinion Steering

28 How a Rack and Pinion Works
Pinion connects to the steering column. Rack (a flat gear) Connects to the tie rods and steering arm.

29 Exploded view of the rack

30 Rack & Pinion Steering Inspection
Check out-board tie rods ends. Check in-board tie rod ends. Check bellows boot. Check rack mounting. Check pinion gear lash.

31 Power Steering Hydraulic assist using a pump, reservoir, hoses, valves and power cylinder.





36 Conventional Power Steering

37 Integral Type Power Steering

38 Power Rack & Pinion Steering

39 Power Steering Inspection
Check for the following: 1 - Belt tension 2 - Belt condition 3 - Leaks 4 - Noises 5 - Proper operation


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