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The 3 P’s Mike Wernli VP of Sales Tribute Direct.

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1 The 3 P’s Mike Wernli VP of Sales Tribute Direct

2 Mike Wernli Vice President of Sales Tribute Direct

3 Mike Wernli VP of Sales 855-228-2132

4 The 3 P’s 1.Program – TributeDirect FPP 2.Products – Final Expense 3.Prospecting – Referred Leads

5 Keep the Process Simple! A Guaranteed Program with Guaranteed Products for a Guaranteed Event

6 Tribute Direct The Only Value Driven Program “Guaranteed to Get Used”

7 What is different about each of these individuals?... age 49...... passed away Tuesday, May 17...... age 92...... passed away Saturday, May 21... What do each of these individuals have in common? -Do your clients and prospects have a funeral plan, and is their family aware of these wishes? -Have they communicated how they want to be remembered by the generations to come? -Will their family have someone to call for guidance when a funeral emergency occurs, and will they be taken advantage of when purchasing funeral products? YOU can provide the solution through TributeDirect We know the who…We don’t know the when... age 22......passed away Thursday, May 19...

8 Member Benefits 1.Funeral Preplanning & Legacy Branding Tools. 2.Access to funeral consultants 24/7. 3.Funeral Product discounts.

9 *Generational Value* 1.Value for the member today with funeral preplanning and legacy branding. 2.Value for the member tomorrow when responsible for a loved one’s funeral. Consultants Product discounts 3.Value for the member’s loved ones in the future when responsible for the member’s funeral. Plan details Consultants Product discounts

10 TributeDirect helps to reduce both the emotional and financial stressors that arise at the time of a loved one’s passing.

11 Agent Value 1.Conversation starter Telephone Face to Face Seminar 2.Value proposition to gain appointments and close sales 3.Eases transition to discussing final expense 4.Lead generator (fill your prospecting pipeline) Next of Kin (person responsible for carrying out funeral plans x 2) Beneficiaries (existing policies and new policies) Sponsorships of family and friends (referred leads)

12 Final Expense Insurance Pay With Your Income or Pay With Your Assets (Simplified Issue Whole Life Policy or Funeral Trust Policy) Don’t Overcomplicate the Process (A product that is purposed for a specific event – a funeral and the bill that accompanies the funeral) Prospects Are: Any Age…Any Income…Anyone Natural Fit With the TributeDirect Funeral Protection Program Opens the Door for Cross-Selling Opportunities

13 Pay with Income Simplified Issue Whole Life (Burial Policy) Death Benefit Never Goes Down or Away Premium Never Increases Builds Cash Value Passes to Beneficiaries Tax Free No Paramed and No Medical Records Field Underwriting, MIB, Scriptcheck Very Easy to Qualify (Medically Lenient) Death Benefit Pays Quickly Affordable Premiums Quick Pitch - Easy Pitch - Quick Close - Easy Close – Quick Application – Quick Issue 3-5 Day Policy Issue Quick Commission Payouts Monumental Life and Foresters

14 Pay with Assets Funeral Trust (Burial Policy) Guaranteed Issue, Single Premium Life Policy Inside an Irrevocable Trust Internal Growth Comparable to a Bank Account 0 – 99 $1000 to $15000 No Health Questions - No Underwriting Multiple Funding Options Cash (checking, savings, cd, money market, etc.) 1035 Exchange from Cash Value 10% Free Withdrawal from Annuity Liquidation of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Death Benefit Pays Quickly to TributeDirect, Funeral Home, Estate Money is Purposed, Protected, and Provides Peace of Mind Quick Pitch - Easy Pitch - Quick Close - Easy Close – Quick Application – Quick Issue Quick & High Commission Payouts Unity Financial

15 TributeDirect and Final Expense Competitive Advantage – be the go to source for your clients. High Commission Payouts – be compensated well for your expertise and guidance. Simplified/Guaranteed Issue Products – quick and easy - meaning you get paid faster with less hassle and your clients have coverage that will be there when their family needs it most. Cross Selling and Product Packaging Opportunities – opens the door to discuss life, annuities, long term care, and Medicare products. Position Yourself as a Planner – “I help folks plan responsibly today so their loved ones aren’t emotionally and financially burdened tomorrow.” Thank You for Your Time and Good Selling! A Guaranteed Program with Guaranteed Products for a Guaranteed Event

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