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Kansas Commission on Veterans’ Affairs. Tim Lang Mobile Veteran Services Representative.

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1 Kansas Commission on Veterans’ Affairs

2 Tim Lang Mobile Veteran Services Representative

3 Mission of KCVA Methods of implementation S/C disability Comp Pension Active service requirements Wartime vs. Peace Time CRDP Death benefits Health Care Overview

4 The mission of the Kansas Commission on Veterans’ Affairs (KCVA) is to provide Kansas veterans, their relatives, and other eligible dependents with information, advice, direction, and assistance through the coordination of programs and services in the fields of education, health, vocational guidance and placement, and economic security. These programs include nursing and domiciliary care and veterans’ cemeteries. This mission is accomplished within program areas of Agency Administration, Veteran Services, the State Veterans' Cemetery Program, the Kansas Soldiers' Home, the Kansas Veterans' Home, and the State Approving Agency. Mission of the KCVA

5 How do we Implement the Mission

6 Enhanced Mobile Offices

7 Assist with filing claims/appeals VA service connected disability compensation VA non service connected pension VA health care VA survivor death benefits VA education benefits Many more, Website WWW.KCVA.ORG or callWWW.KCVA.ORG 1 (800) 513-7731 Remember as we cover specific topics, there are many exceptions Providing Information, Advice, Direction and Assistance

8 Due to illness or injury occurring or aggravated during service Other than dishonorable discharge Not Willful misconduct (determined by VA) If there is a question, always file and let the VA adjudicate Service Connected Disability Compensation Basic Entitlement

9 Difference between Compensation and Pension Pension is needs based Compensation is not tied to income Criteria 65 or older or P/T Wartime Service Must be low or limited income and net worth Household family income – UME must be Less than MAPR Non Service Connected Pension Death Pension

10 Again, if there is a question just submit the application Just A Few of the VA Requirements for various Benefits

11 “Active military, naval, or air service” is required to qualify as a veteran for purposes of VA benefits Active duty for training/Inactive duty for training performed by members of guard and reserves are considered active service only in limited circumstances such as: Active military duty Any period of active duty for training which the individual was disabled or died from a disease or injury occurred or aggravated in the line of duty Active Service Requirements: What the Department of Veterans Affairs Says

12 Any period of inactive duty for training during which the individual was disabled or died from an injury incurred or aggravated in the line of duty or from an acute myocardial infarction, a cardiac arrest, or a cerebrovascular accident occurring during such training Service department may differ from VA rules Federal service requirement for Guard 10 USCS and 32 USCS vs state activation Active Service Requirements: What the Department of Veterans Affairs Says

13 Vet doesn’t need combat zone duty Indian Wars, 1/1/1817 – 12/31/1898 Spanish-American, 4/21/1898 – 7/4/1902 Mexican Border War, 5/9/1916 – 4/5/1917 World War I, 4/6/1917 – 11/11/1918 World War II, 12/7/1941 – 12/31/1946* Korean Conflict, 6/27/1950 – 1/31/1955 Vietnam Era, 8/5/1964 – 5/7/1975* Persian Gulf War, 8/2/1990 - ??? Wartime Vs. Peacetime

14 Pre September 1980 Post September 1980, minimum 24 months Length of Service Requirement

15 Historically Vet could not receive both at the same time Dollar for dollar offset*, vet elects Tax advantage 2003 NDAA along came “CRDP” Military retired pay or VA Compensation Benefits

16 Who is eligible? 10% Combat wound or 60% directly attributed to combat How much? In the amount of VA disability related to combat Determined/administered by service department Retirees must apply…not automatic Non taxable Combat Related Special Compensation CRSC

17 NDAA 2004 Guard and reserve with 20 qualifying years, (lncluding less than 7,200 points) are eligible Under 50% = offset continues 50% - 90% = offset phaseout (100% = no phaseout) 2011 = 70% 2012 = 80% 2013 = 90% 2014 = 100% Taxable at the same rate as retired pay CRDP is automatic Concurrent Receipt Disability Pay CRDP

18 Service Connected VS. Non Service Connected Burial Flag Burial/Funeral Expenses, Plot Allowance Grave Marker Reservists or Guard who were entitled to retired pay Reservists or Guard not eligible if active or inactive for training Burial in VA National or State Cemetery, Same as above, Spouses and dependents are authorized Death/Survivor Benefits

19 Largest system in the US, 8 million vets Over 1300 care facilities Directed at S/C veterans, combat veterans, Low income Eligibility, pre/post 1980 ACTIVE SERVICE Apply on a VA Form 10-10 EZ If approved, placed in priority groups 1-8 Exceptions to rules VA Health Care Benefits

20 Questions

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