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Raphael Sanzio Pieter Bruegel

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1 Raphael Sanzio Pieter Bruegel
Renaissance PowerPoint Presentation World History I H – Ms. Ross By: Abby Cline and Jackie Chen

2 Raphael Sanzio By: Abby Cline

3 Early Life Raphael Sanzio was born on April 6, 1432 in Urbino, Italy.
Raphael's father was Giovanni Santi, a court painter who gave him most of his experience as an artist. In 1491, his mother Magia de Batista Ciarla died when Raphael was only eight years old. His father remarried but later died in He was orphaned at the age of 11. Raphael’s uncle, Bartolomeo became his legal guardian. Although he became his legal guardian he began living with his stepmother.

4 Early Life Urbino, Italy was a town that had high regards for the arts. After his fathers death he served as an apprentice for many different master painters One of the most significant masters Raphael served for was Perugia. Under his instruction he learned to clear the organization of the subject of matter, overall composition, and editing skills. He was trained as a master at the age of eighteen. His first major work was the Baronci altarpiece for the Saint Nicholas Church in Citta di Castello.

5 Major Works Baronci Altarpiece- This altarpiece was created for Andrea Barconi’s chapel the church of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino in Citta di Castello. It was Raphael's first documented work. It was commissioned in 1500 and finished in This piece was severely damaged in an earthquake in 1789 fragments of this piece are located in different areas. This work relates to the renaissance because it’s a painting where the figure looks idealized, the bodies are clothed, and the face expresses what the person is thinking. In this picture the person depicted seems doleful or disappointed.

6 Major Works Madonna on the Chair- This piece was painted with oil on wood by Raphael in Raphael painted this piece in Rome and it later became apart of the Medici family’s art collection. He painted this piece shortly after working on the Vatican “Stanza d'Eliodoro.” This relates to Renaissance themes because forms of art were usually paintings that depicted religious scene, bodies that look idealized, bodies that are clothed. All of these characteristics fit this piece of art.

7 Lifestyle and relationships
Lived in a large Roman Palace. Engaged to Maria Bibbiena the niece of a cardinal (Arranged). Never was able to become engaged due to the death or Maria. After Maria’s Death had a long-lasting relationship with Margherita Luti. He is said to have had many affairs.

8 Death Raphael Sanzio died unexpectedly on his thirty-seventh birthday (April 6, 1520 A.D.) of mysterious causes in Rome. There were many people who attended his funeral. He was buried in the Pantheon one of Italy’s most popular burial sites. Pantheon located in Rome, Italy.

9 Pieter Bruegel By: Jackie Chen

10 Early Life ● Born in 1525, in either the Netherlands or in Belgium
● Pieter Bruegel was known as the greatest Flemish painter in the 16th century ● Spent much time working in Antwerp and Brussels ● Married Maria Aelst and had two sons ● His family was already Renaissance painters

11 Major Works The Hunter in the Snow
The painting shows three hunters with their dogs returning to their village after their hunting expedition. ● This painting is one of the first winter landscapes ● The painting shows one of the seasons(winter)

12 Pieter Bruegel ● Paintings had landscapes and scenes of everyday life ● Had many religious paintings, and some reflected Biblical proverbs and he satirized humankind ● In 1565, he completed paintings that portrayed the seasons ● His paintings usually had a house in the left corner, and in the right hand corner, he usually had a street that you could see right down

13 Pieter Bruegel ● His paintings were highly detailed with many peasants ● His work was for private patrons ● He was considered the greatest painter in the Netherlands in the 16th century ● He became famous through engravings ● Died at age 44 in 1569

14 Pieter Bruegel This is a self portrait painting of Pieter Bruegel.

15 COMPARE AND CONTRAST Italian Born in 1432 A.D.
Mostly religious related pieces Flemish Born in 1525 A.D. Most pieces were of landscapes Painters Both died fairly young Born into a family of artists

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