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1 Renaissance Begins Coach Parrish OMS Chapter 15, Section 1.

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1 1 Renaissance Begins Coach Parrish OMS Chapter 15, Section 1

2 2 Mona Lisa  The Mona Lisa (Louvre, Paris) is one of the world’s most famous paintings by one of the world’s most famous painters, Leonardo da Vinci.  Da Vinci never truly finished the painting because of his many other interests such as science and inventing.  This story tells a lot about the Renaissance and its new arts.

3 3 Mona Lisa

4 4 Leonardo da Vinci

5 5 The Renaissance Begins in Italy  Renaissance – widespread change in culture that took place in Europe between 1300 and 1650. It began in Italy.  Looking at the map on the next slide, you will see how Italy’s location allowed it to dominate trade between Eastern Europe and Asia.  As the power of Italian cities grew, they became city-states with no control of a king or the Church.

6 6 Italy in 1500 AD

7 7 Renaissance Art and Literature  The Renaissance is celebrated today for its stunning artistic works. During the Middle Ages, art had focused on the Church. The Renaissance began to change that focus where art was about other things.

8 8 Literature  As the focus of Italy shifted away from the Church and feudalism, people began to look at ancient Roman and Greek texts.  Humanism – new interest in the classics such as ancient Greek and Roman texts. The classical works focused on worldly things and not religious ones.

9 9 Literature, cont.  The first great humanist was Francesco Petrarch. He was born in 1304 and even as a child loved the writings of Cicero, the ancient Roman Senator and great speaker  Even without the approval of his father, Petrarch continued to study the writings of ancient Rome which can be seen in his famous poems.

10 10 Visual Art  Medieval art had dealt mostly with religious topics. Renaissance artists began to focus on nature and human form.  Leonardo da Vinci was known for his paintings, but he also produced 4,000 notebook pages of sketches about the world around him.

11 11 Raphael’s Greatest Work (School of Athens) Apostolic Palace (Pope’s Home)

12 12 Visual Art, cont.  The Renaissance also produced Michelangelo. His greatest work is perhaps the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Like the Mona Lisa, it is one of the most famous paintings in the world.  In the early 1400s, the sculptor Donatello worked in Florence, Italy. Donatello’s most famous sculptures are of the Biblical figure David.

13 13 Word Association - Renaissance Artists & Sculptors  Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa  Donatello - Statue of David  Rafael - School of Athens  Michelangelo - Painting of the Sistine Chapel 13

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