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Tibet Sky Burial By Kulcharee Lor.

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1 Tibet Sky Burial By Kulcharee Lor

2 Tibet Basic Info Size 1.2m sq km
The highest region on earth ( roof of the world) Ruled by China Population 2.84 million Buddhism and Animism Dalai Lama Picture from

3 Types of Tibetan burial
Inhumation Stupa burial and incineration Water burial Sky burial Cliff burial Tree burial Stone coffin burial Multi-person burial

4 What is Sky burial? Created thousands years ago
Three phases evolvement - Unintended leave the body in the wild - Prince’s wish - Continue practice and become tradition For wealthy people

5 Preparation for Sky Burial
Give the dying person a herb tablet Wrap the body bent into a shape like a fetus with white cloth Chanted at home by monks for 2 days The last day, chanted at the temple and head to next journey

6 Process of Sky Burial Take the corpse to the funeral site for the burial The sky burial master begins to cut apart the corpse and feeding the vultures Finally, the master will finish the process by crushing all corpse’s parts and the monks will release the soul to heaven

7 Sky Burial an Offer to Mother Nature
Generosity in Buddhism Cycle of Life New stage in soul’s existence Nature friendly

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