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Dark Ages to Geometric Period

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1 Dark Ages to Geometric Period
Dark Ages (Architectural Term) = Protogeometric Period ( Pottery Term) BCE Geometric Period (Architecture, Sculpture, and Pottery) BCE

2 End of the Mycenaean World
Literary tradition from Homer and other ancient epics. Destruction of Troy at the hands of a contingency of Mycenaean warriors. Destruction of Troy. Which Troy is the Troy of the Trojan war? Troy VI? Troy VIIA? Destruction of the mainland palaces (Mycenae, Tiryns, Athens, Gla, Pylos, Thebes, Orchomenos) are all under different circumstances.

3 Theories for Destruction
The Dorian Invasions (Return of the Herakleidae or Internal Revolt?) The Raids of the Sea Peoples Intercity Warfare Drought, Famine, Earthquakes, and Other Natural Disasters.

4 Dark Age Sites Karphi, Crete* Kavousi, Crete Lefkandi, Euboea*
Nichoria, Messenia Oval House, Smyrna*

5 Karphi Middle Bronze Age to Geometric Unwalled settlement
150 adjoining rooms Great House

6 Lefkandi - The Heroon Heroon - 10th century Cemetery - 9th century
Apsidal (50 m by 10 m) Burial of man, woman, horses

7 Lefkandi - The Plan

8 The Centaur Eretria Museum Terracotta 10th c BCE
Found in Heroon, split in two pieces, one in each grave.

9 Isis and Horus Necklace
Found in tombs near Heroon at Lefkandi. 11th/10th century. Faience, Egyptian in origin. Isis and Horus statuettes common in Egyptian world.

10 Protogeometric Pottery
Shapes derived from Mycenaean oeuvre: krater, oinochoe, cups, amphorae. Faster wheel. Compass drawn pendent semicircles or concentric circles. Kerameikos cemetery in Athens.

11 Geometric Cult Sites Dreros on Crete* Eretria - Apollo Daphnephoros*
Sparta - Temple of Artemis Orthria Heraion at Samos* The Argive Heraion* Temple of Hera at Perachora* Thermon*

12 Dreros Temple of Apollo. Earliest known temple - 750 BCE.
City fortification.

13 Cult Statues From shelf in temple.
Sphyrelaton method: sheet hammered bronze over wood core. Apollo, Leto, Artemis.

14 Eretria

15 Apollo Daphnephoros Four phases of the temple. Apsidal hut.
Second structure with apsidal walls. Hekatompedon (100 footer). Geometric Daphnephorion All geometric structures leveled at the end of the 8th c. BCE. Early Archaic hekatompedon ( BCE) Apollo Daphnephoros

16 Harbor at Samos

17 Samos from theAir

18 Heraion at Samos

19 Geometric Heraion at Samos
Local Carian deity originally. Hera and Zeus married here beside a sacred bush. Hekatompedon - 8th c BCE.

20 Hera Limenaia at Perachora
Corinthiad Again, a port. Apsidal structure. Geometric bronze finds. 9th/8th c BCE.

21 Perachora - Geometric Plan

22 Thermon Geometric period, the site became religious. 3 temples.
Megaron A and B.

23 Thermon - Temples Archaic temple built over Megaron B.

24 Thermon: Megaron B

25 Geometric Pottery Early - increased geometric patterns. Meanders become more and more prominent. Use as tomb markers in Athens. Very fine clay and fast wheel. Athens at forefront of Geometric pottery production.

26 Agora “Rich Lady” Burial
Belly amphora - female. Granary - symbol of status or wealth? Cremation. 9th c BCE.

27 Agora Male Burial Cremation Neck amphora Sword around amphora
Horse pyxis - symbol of wealth?

28 Horse Pyxis

29 Athens 804 1.55 m high. Pictorial Narrative. Prothesis and Ekphora.
Tomb Marker from the Dipylon gate cemetery. 750 BCE 1.55 m high.

30 Other narratives Fox hunt? Boeotia. Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
750 BCE

31 Sculpture Boston MFA Under 8 inches. Bronze Solid Cast 9th c BCE.

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