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SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi1 SVT & CPR upgrades SVT What is the SVTupgrade Why it is important Many upgrade steps at Fermilab: no shutdown what.

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Presentation on theme: "SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi1 SVT & CPR upgrades SVT What is the SVTupgrade Why it is important Many upgrade steps at Fermilab: no shutdown what."— Presentation transcript:

1 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi1 SVT & CPR upgrades SVT What is the SVTupgrade Why it is important Many upgrade steps at Fermilab: no shutdown what has been done what has to be done CPR What is the CPR upgrade Performance results Short description

2 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi2 S VT UPGRADE S TATUS July 21 2005: first AM++ & AMSRW Inside SVT The SVT team at work in Trigger room (90% italian) P. Giannetti for the SVT Upgrade group

3 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi3 Tsukuba Chicago Fermilab Chicago Pisa 1 st Pulsar: Sequencer & Road Warrior Associative Memory 512 kpatterns 2 nd Pulsar: Hit Buffer 3 nd Pulsar: Track Fitter

4 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi4 Large Impact on Upgrade from Italy (~20 names) AMchip03 project: Sartori, Tripiccione, Pedron, Schifano (FE) validation, test: Annovi, Dell’Orso, Giovacchini (PI) AM++ - LAMB Bardi, Giannetti (PI) RWBelforte, Carosi, Catastini, Spinella (TS-PI-SI) AMSRWBitossi, Giannetti, Piendibene, Spinella (PI) Software svtvme: Annovi, Giovacchini (PI) monitoring-configuration: Carosi, Simoni, Volpi (PI) simulation: Annovi, Cerri, Simoni, Torre (PI-LBL-SI) spymon: Di Ruzza, Rescigno (RO) Tests: Annovi, Giovacchini, Torre Installazione : Annovi, Dell’Orso, Giannetti, Giovacchini, Piendibene (PI), Torre (SI ), Di Ruzza, Rescigno (RO) USA: Adelman (TF++), Bellinger (software), Chappa (HB), Furic(HB), Maruyama (HB), Tang (mezz.), Shochet(mezz.) Project Leader: Alberto Annovi

5 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi5 TEMPI DI REALIZZAZIONE Nuova AM-board: inizio estate 2004 ( Pisa ) durante estate 2004: test con FPGA ( Pisa ) Progetto prototipo AM-chip: luglio 2004 ( Ferrara-Pisa ) consegna chip ~2 mesi – disponibile ad ottobre. Nuova LAMB: montare nuovo AM-chip a ottobre 2004 (Pisa) test del chip + scheda: ottobre – dicembre 2004 ( Pisa-Ferrara ) produzione: inizio 2005 ( Pisa-Ferrara ) installazione: estate 2005 ( Pisa-Ferrara ) Altri DAQ/Trigger upgrade: previsti nel 2006 Road Warrior :... (~60 k$ Fermilab) messa in opera entro fine 2003 2003 Schedule

6 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi6 Real data Upgrade steps Board/software Validation (step # 0) Boards will be first tested in the test stand Then they will be tested parasitically with real data Need few slots in a test stand placed near SVT Hardware installation in 3 steps: 1.AMS/RW and AM++ inside SVT (July 29) 2.TF++ installed in ex-Road Warrior Pulsars  128 kpat 3.Install finally HB and 2 nd AM++ board  512 kpat Study of performances – firmware optimization (4 th step - 06) Other hardware improvements?? (5 th step – after 06.. may be) We are here Installation & commissioning parasitically without interrupting operations.

7 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi7 RW+TF: F>50  s = 21%

8 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi8 SVT timing w/TF++ TF++ Run w/TF last week (Similar luminosities ~85) As expected, core of timing stays the same, but significantly reduced tails (look at RMS) RMS=18 RMS=10.7

9 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi9 July: AM++ installation (1 st step) AMS/RW + one AM++ board have been installed with minimal impact AMBAMB AMBAMB AMSAMS MERGERMERGER HFHF HFHF HFHF HBHB TFTF AMS/RWAMS/RW AM++AM++ MERGERMERGER HFHF HFHF HFHF HBHB TFTF Compatible with old boards (can work with 32k patterns) Minimal re-cabling and reconfiguration Gain: 2  sec reduction on average SVT processing time @Lum=[78-25]*10 30 due to RW moved before the HB. Total gain so far: ~8  sec at 115*10 30

10 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi10 impact on L1 bandwidth

11 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi11 impact on L1 bandwidth Dead time % L1 accept rate (Hz) Before SVT Upgrade Lumi 20-50E30 current SVT Upgrade Lumi 90E30 17KHz 23KHz +6kHz (+35%) L1A bandwidth @ double inst. lumi. Now using SVT up to lumi 130E30 (cm-2s-1) Lumi 45E30

12 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi12 Conclusion Parasitic tests of all boards before installation AMS/RW, AM++ and TF have been installed before the shutdown (July- August) Complete the upgrade (November 2005) Optimize Track trigger : XFT-SVT-L2 processors fill L1 rate as much as possible (2006) May be after 2006…. GigaFitter (R&D proposed to Murst.)? More AM?? DONE To be DONE

13 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi13 Michele Giunta13 CPR UPGRADE_PEOPLE INFN Pisa (7 tecnici per un totale di 4 MU tra assembl. e montaggio) S. Lami A. Menzione R. Paoletti A. Scribano N. Turini M. Giunta Univ. Roma 1 ( 1 tecnico per un totale di circa 1 MU tra assembl. e montaggio) M. Iori INFN Pavia G. Introzzi Univ. Trieste & Udine (3 tecnici per un tot. di 2 MU tra assembl. e montaggio) A. Penzo G. Pauletta

14 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi14 Michele Giunta14 Position in the CDF detector is between Solenoid coil and calorimeter

15 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi15 Michele Giunta15 Installation 1

16 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi16 Michele Giunta16 CPR2 detector :: photos A DC B 125 mm

17 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi17 Random Tracks vs W electrons

18 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi18 Muon Candidates from Stream A Sent to Jun Suh for Installation in Simulation

19 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi19 Sample of Z->ee with 1 track in crack. Track Pt

20 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi20 SVT Backup slides backup slides

21 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi21 November: HB + AM++ enlargement (3 rd step) Status after new HB installation AM++AM++ AM++AM++ AMS/RWAMS/RW HFHF HFHF HFHF AM++AM++ AM++AM++ AMS/RWAMS/RW HFHF HFHF HFHF newHBnewHB newTFnewTF MERGERMERGER MERGERMERGER newHBnewHB newTFnewTF AMBUS slots Final configuration 512 kpat/wedge newTFnewTF newTFnewTF MERGERMERGER HFHF HFHF HFHF newHBnewHB MERGERMERGER HFHF HFHF HFHF AMS/RWAMS/RW AM++AM++ AMS/RWAMS/RW AM++AM++ newHBnewHB emptyempty

22 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi22 Preshower Occupancy Reference based on old detector New detector, far fewer hits from minimum bias particles

23 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi23 TF++ impact on L1 bandwidth

24 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi24 August: Track Fitter installation (2 nd step) After RW has been replaced by AMS/RW. Just reprogram the 12 RW boards with TF firmware 2- 3  sec gain at Lum=[91-81] *10 30 =25.1  sec =22.8  sec

25 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi25 L1 accept rate is bottle neck L1A rate ~ 20 kHz (vs 50kHz design) L1A rate limited by L2 exec time Rates at @ L=100E30 (current luminosity): ~15kHz high Pt L1A ~15kHz TTT L1A (now PS = 2) Rates growing quadratically with luminosity Silicon readout SVT processing L2 decision processing Level 2 pipeline structure: Optimized but slower than design Upgrade in progress SVT upgrade has large impact on maximum L1A rate!

26 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi26 SVT: Silicon Vertex Trigger XFT tracks SVX hits Finding tracks in the silicon

27 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi27

28 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi28 Level 2 Asynchronous 3 Stage Pipeline 20  s Latency 300 Hz accept rate CDF DAQ & Trigger Detector Raw Data Level 1 pipeline: 42 clock cycles L1 Accept Level 2 Trigger Level 2 buffer: 4 events L2 Accept DAQ buffers L3 Farm Level 1 7.6 MHz Synchromous Pipeline 5544 ns Latency 50 KHz accept rate To Mass Storage (50~100 Hz) 7.6 MHz Crossing rate SVT here Level 1 Trigger 50 kHz accept rate 20  s average Latency ~20 kHz actual ~35  s actual Tails are important

29 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi29 TF++ impact on L1 bandwidth

30 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi30 Year chip boards devel. Total 2003? 120 kE10 kE(test b.) 5 kE 135 kE 2004 Ferrara 10 kE (protot.) 30 kE 40 kE 2005 53 kE 100 kE (produc.) 153 k +40 kE +40 kE +50 kE +60 kE (MURST) Pisa Le Pulsar sono pagate dagli USA totale secondo upgrade 310k$

31 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi31 AM++ board (Pisa) Standard cell AMchip prototype working >40MHz –Production received: evaluating yield LAMB and AM++ vme board: –3 nd prototype build and tested –Need final test w/ board full of AMchips Building a 4 th AM++ vme board prototype –fix minor issues –Production available by June ON SCHEDULE

32 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi32 AMS/RW status (Pisa) AMS and RW firmware implemented and tested next step implement SVT firmware tools ON SCHEDULE Pisa had the most risky responsibilities, but we are now in very good shape

33 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi33 Non italian responsabilities Pulsars –Pulsar production arrived –Large RAM mezzanine production done –Small RAM mezzanine prototype under test –ON SCHEDULE TF –First firmware written –Standalone tests starting –ON SCHEDULE HB –Firmware writing just started –BEHIND SCHEDULE –More man power (firmware engineer joined)

34 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi34 Software and integration SOFTWARE –Work in progress –Critical part for test and installation –BEHIND SCHEDULE –project reorganized after internal review 4 main blocks identified coordinators assigned: R. Carosi, A. Annovi, A. Cerri, M. Rescigno –Additional man power (w.r.t. baseline) mostly Pisa people –CAN RECOVER INTEGRATION –Vertical slice parasitic test begun with AM++ and AMS/RW –Add boards as they become available Real data

35 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi35 Installation plan Fermilab goal was to install during the shutdown Shutdown postponed to October (at least) Plan to install 128kpatterns per wedge by July/August Installing also new TF (as soon as it is ready) Take advantage, as soon as possible, of better AM resolution RW function moved before HB faster TF

36 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi36 2006:better Timing  better algorithm (4 rd step) ScenA: Two_TRK2_Oppq_Dphi135_Sumpt5.5 x2 0.1 0.6 Increasing luminosity  Low SVT Background rejection x6 x3

37 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi37 Also Scenario C shows exactly same problem ScenC: Two_TRK2.5_Oppq_Dphi135_Sumpt6.5 x2 x6 x3

38 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi38 First very good idea: veto events with a large number of interactions MORE SVT studies: 1)Limited # fits per road 2)Adjust Chi**2 cut 3)Adjust Hit Finder THRs 4) Use new XFT infos (z?) 5) Adjust L2 processor algorithms

39 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi39 HOW to fill the available L1 bandwidth (step 4)?? A lot of discussion!! 25kHz 10 % dead time New Trigger Table

40 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi40 SVT before July SVT00 Tracking SVT01 Tracking SVT07 4 Road Warrior SVT02 Tracking SVT06 Final MRG GB SVT03 Tracking SVT05 Tracking SVT04 Tracking SVT08 8 Road Warrior AMBAMB AMBAMB AMSAMS MERGERMERGER HFHF HFHF HFHF HBHB TFTF AMBAMB AMBAMB AMSAMS MERGERMERGER HFHF HFHF HFHF HBHB TFTF SVT tracking crate (2 wedges) RWRW RWRW 8 8 cables Need extra crate

41 SVT September 22, 2005Alberto Annovi41 Final configuration SVT00 Tracking SVT01 Tracking SVT07 4 Hit buffer SVT02 Tracking SVT06 2 Hit buffer SVT03 Tracking SVT05 Tracking SVT04 Tracking SVT09 8 Track fitter SVT08 Final MRG GB 4 TF AM++AM++ AM++AM++ AMS/RWAMS/RW HFHF HFHF HFHF AM++AM++ AM++AM++ AMS/RWAMS/RW HFHF HFHF HFHF newHBnewHB SVT tracking crate (2 wedges) newTFnewTF MERGERMERGER MERGERMERGER newHBnewHB newTFnewTF 12 cables AMBUS slots to LVL2 1

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