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Tectonic Jeopardy!. TECtonic Jeopardy! Earth’s Layers Heat Transfer Continental Drift Sea-Floor Spreading Plate Tectonics 10 20 30 40 50.

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Presentation on theme: "Tectonic Jeopardy!. TECtonic Jeopardy! Earth’s Layers Heat Transfer Continental Drift Sea-Floor Spreading Plate Tectonics 10 20 30 40 50."— Presentation transcript:

1 Tectonic Jeopardy!

2 TECtonic Jeopardy! Earth’s Layers Heat Transfer Continental Drift Sea-Floor Spreading Plate Tectonics

3 How do scientists know about Earth’s interior?

4 By measuring seismic waves from earthquakes. Back to Menu

5 Starting at the surface, what are the layers of the Earth, in order?

6 1.Crust 2.Mantle 3.Outer Core 4.Inner Core Back to Menu

7 Ocean crust is made of _______, while the Continental crust is made of _______. Which is more dense?

8 Basalt & Granite. Basalt / Ocean crust is more dense. Back to Menu

9 Describe the Mantle. Talk about its thickness and state of matter.

10 The Mantle is the layer of molten material beneath the crust. It has a plastic-like state of matter and is the thickest of Earth’s layers. Back to Menu

11 What causes Earth’s magnetic field, and why is this field important?

12 The spinning and churning of Earth’s liquid iron outer core. The magnetic field protects us from the Sun’s solar winds. Final Jeopardy Back to Menu

13 Define heat.

14 Back to Menu The energy transferred from a hotter object to a colder one.

15 True False True or False: there are 4 types of heat transfer. Name them!

16 False. There are 3 types of heat transfer: Conduction, Radiation, & Convection. Back to Menu

17 Radiation Define Radiation heat transfer. Give two examples.

18 Radiation is heat transfer through space (do not touch directly). Examples: the Sun & camp fire. Back to Menu

19 Density Mass Volume If the formula for Density is Mass divided by Volume, how can heat change an object’s density?

20 Energy Energy Volume Density Heat = Energy. Giving an object Energy lets the particles move faster & further away from each other, increasing Volume and decreasing Density. Back to Menu

21 Describe the entire process pictured below.

22 Conduction 1.Pot is heated by stove - Conduction Conduction 2.Water is heated by pot - Conduction +Volume-Density 3.Heated water spreads out (energy), +Volume & -Density so it rises. -Energy 4.Spreads out at top of pot, bumps into other particles, -Energy. -Volume +Density 5.Less energy means -Volume, +Density, water sinks. Final Jeopardy Back to Menu

23 Continental Drift Which scientist proposed the theory of Continental Drift? a)Harry Hess b)J. Tuzo Wilson c)Alfred Wegener d)Mr. Antonello

24 Back to Menu a)Harry Hess – Sea-Floor Spreading b)J. Tuzo Wilson – Plate Tectonics c)Alfred Wegener – Continental Drift d)Mr. Antonello – Theory of Awesomeness

25 How many pieces of evidence for Continental Drift does the photo below contain? What are they?

26 Back to Menu A) B) C) Three pieces of evidence. A) The continents fit like puzzle pieces. B) Mesosaurus fossils were found on both continents. C) Africa & S. America have the same folded mountains.

27 What is Wegener’s Theory of Continental Drift and why was it rejected?

28 Back to Menu Pangea The continents were once a supercontinent called Pangea, and are slowly moving, even now. Wegener had no evidence to explain what caused the continents to move.

29 Glossopteris While researching in Antarctica, you discover the fossil remains of the tropical plant of Glossopteris. This plant is native to Australia. What does this tell you about Antarctica?

30 Back to Menu Antarctica and Australia were at one time connected (since the plant can not migrate). Antarctica once had a tropical climate.

31 magnetic geographic What do the reversing magnetic stripes on the ocean floor reveal? Use this information to explain the difference between “magnetic” North and “geographic” North.

32 Final Jeopardy Back to Menu Geographic Magnetic Stripes tell us that magnetic poles reverse every 300,000 years. Geographic North is always at 90 ⁰ North. Magnetic North is where the magnetic field originates.

33 Why is the theory of Sea- Floor Spreading important?

34 It provides the final piece of evidence – the mechanism – for Continental Drift. Back to Menu

35 Describe the Mid-Ocean Ridge and why it’s important.

36 Underwater mountain range where magma cools to form new crust. Stretches across all the oceans of the world. Back to Menu

37 destroyed underneath Where is old crust destroyed and what is it called when the crust sinks back underneath, into the mantle?

38 Back to Menu Trenches Subduction The crust is destroyed at deep- sea Trenches in a process known as Subduction.

39 Studying the crust at the Mid- Ocean ridge reveals 3 pieces of evidence for Sea-floor Spreading. What are they?

40 1.Formation of “pillow” basalts 2.Reversing magnetic stripes 3.Relative age dating of core samples Back to Menu

41 Describe the process of Sea- floor Spreading and why it is like a conveyor belt.

42 Mid-Ocean Ridge 1.Magma rises at the Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt 2.Entering the ocean, magma cools into Basalt spreading 3.New magma rises and cools, spreading the rock out subducts 4.Old crust subducts under less dense crust and melts 5.The cycle repeats! Final Jeopardy Back to Menu

43 Alfred Wegener Harry Hessheat transfer Plate Tectonics combines the theories of Alfred Wegener & Harry Hess with a method of heat transfer. Name the theories and method.

44 Continental Drift Sea- Floor Spreading Convection Continental Drift & Sea- Floor Spreading and the heat transfer method of Convection. Back to Menu

45 lithosphere 2 Plate Tectonics states that plates in Earth’s lithosphere move by floating on the mantle. What are the 2 types of plates?

46 Continental Oceanic Plates can be classified as either Continental or Oceanic crust. Back to Menu

47 List the 3 types of boundaries symbolized by the following motions.

48 Convergent, Divergent, and Transform boundaries. Back to Menu

49 Locate & name the types of plate boundaries in the picture below. What is the missing boundary?

50 Back to Menu 1)Convergent: Oceanic/Oceanic crust Subduction zone 2)Divergent: Mid-Ocean Ridge 3)Transform Boundary (not shown)


52 Final Jeopardy Back to Menu

53 You have 30 seconds to name as many plates as you can. Spelling counts!


55 Back to Menu

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