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WELCOME TO OUR 1 ST MEETING! 8 September 2011. Overview Structure Development Projects International Local Soap Box How to Join Sign-Up Sheets Website.

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1 WELCOME TO OUR 1 ST MEETING! 8 September 2011

2 Overview Structure Development Projects International Local Soap Box How to Join Sign-Up Sheets Website

3 Why Should You Join EWB-TAMU?  Why Should I Join EWB? Why Should I Join EWB?

4 Structure – Development  President – Kate Emery  VP Projects – Grady Hillhouse  VP Development – Reid Garcia  Treasurer – Christy Leonhardt  Publicity – Thomas McMillin  Fundraising – Moe Allahham  Webmaster – Cristina Vadell  Administration – Allie Roldan  Training – Lakshmi Nathan  Events Coordinator – ???  Media Specialist – ???

5 Structure – Projects  International  Costa Rica – Jorge Bustamante & Scott Pangburn Completed construction of computer center with bathrooms in August 2010 Going on implementation trip to update community’s current water system in January 2012  Belize – Randy Nelson & Aaron Powledge Newest international program; replaced Acuña project Going on assessment trip in January 2012 to meet community and begin designing a water treatment facility


7 Structure – Projects  Local  Bryan Children’s Museum – Kim Serry & Jo Moldanado Finished 2 exhibits for Museum already Working on water conservation exhibit this semester  Scotty’s House – Nick Calkins & Clarissa Archer Starting construction of playground this semester  Friends Congregational Church – ??? Newest local project; designing and starting construction of playground


9 Structure – Development  Aggie 500: Soap Box Derby  Brings in other organizations to have fun and build cars together  An annual fundraiser/publicity event  Contemplating the possibility of doing a new event, let us know if you have any good ideas or would like to be a lead for the event!

10 Where did EWB-USA begin?  In 2000, in Boulder, Colorado, Bernard Amadei’s landscaper invited him to visit his village in San Pablo, Belize, which was desperately in need of clean water.  There was no electricity, running water or sanitation.  Amadei returned with 8 University of Colorado-Boulder students and Denis Walsh, a civil engineering expert. By working together with the local community, this team installed a clean water system powered by a local waterfall. Simple, sustainable and low-cost, the entire project was completed for $14,000.  Dr. Amadei decided to harness the power of professional and student engineers to complete similar low-tech, high-impact projects in other developing countries. It was a success and the beginning of Engineers Without Borders USA.  Since its incorporation in 2002, EWB-USA has grown from ~8 engineering students and a civil engineering professor to over 12,000 students, faculty and professionals.  EWB-USA Promo Video EWB-USA Promo Video

11 Officer Positions Open!!  Soapbox Derby Coordinator (or other event)  Friends Congregational Church  Events Coordinator  Large Scale Events Hosting EWB-USA South Central Regional Workshop (November 11-13, 2011) End of Year Banquet in April  Recurring Events (work with Administrative Director) Socials Officer Retreats

12 Officer Positions Open!!  Media Specialist  Take pictures and record video at meetings, events, socials, etc.  Potentially travel abroad to take pictures & video of our international projects  Compile and edit media into professional looking presentations  Optimally have nice equipment (i.e. DSLR camera, HD video camera) - but not a requirement

13 Publicity Team  Want to get more involved in EWB?  Here’s your chance!!!!  We need people to help with publicity  Fliers  News articles  Banners, posters, sandwich boards  New ideas for getting us out there!  Contact Thomas at

14 Mentor/Mentee Program  Do you know where the best chicken in College Station is? Are you puzzled at the sound of “keto-eonol tautomerization”???  If so, (and even if you are a genius and already know,) sign up for our Mentor/Mentee Program!  Program: We will pair up lower and upper undergrads (and grad students) together. All disciplines welcome!  Goals: Make a good friend, enjoy fun events, learn a little more about your major!

15 EWB T-Shirt Design Contest!!!  Competition designing a new EWB shirt for 2011- 2012  Submit ideas to  Submissions due Fri. Sept. 16 th  Winner will be announced at the following general meeting

16 How do I join?  Sign-up sheets in lobby  If you’re not sure where you want to join, you can go to project meetings or talk to us about other committees  Go to website to join listserv for more information 

17 First Social: Potluck dinner! Come eat and mingle with other EWB members! Best thing to bring: yourself! Where? Aggie Station Time? 6pm-8pm ** If you need a ride, email Allie Roldan

18 Career Fair Tips (Next Week!)  Even if you’re a freshman, GO!  Get your resume out to companies  Learn to network with representatives  The Career Center offers tips and information to help you succeed in the job search  Resume reviews in Zachry  Mach interviews in Koldus  ( 172490781836435485&dynid=2615880&sn=under grads) for more information 172490781836435485&dynid=2615880&sn=under grads

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