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Harris Connect University of Colorado System Electronic Communications Program.

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1 Harris Connect University of Colorado System Electronic Communications Program

2 GOALS 1.Provide a robust, html-supported, email tool for all campuses, system and the Foundation 2.Communicate more effectively with constituents 3.Obtain new, good data 4.Increase collaboration and cross- promotion

3 HARRIS CONNECT Provides suite of electronic communication applications  E-mail Marketing  Event Registration  Form Building  Online Communities Integrated with a database Advance

4 ONLINE COMMUNITIES CU system Alumni, donors, faculty/staff, students and friends Boulder Alumni and students Leads Parents Denver Alumni Anschutz Alumni Colorado Springs Alumni

5 ADMIN MANAGER CHART Harris Connect CU System SUPER ADMIN UCB Alumni Alumni S/C/D ….. Alumni chapters/affinity groups ….. UCB Ucomm Communicates with F/S/Stu CUF Communicates with donors AMC Alumni S/C/D ….. UCCS Alumni S/C/D ….. UCD Alumni S/C/D …..

6 SUPPORT 1.Admin manager for each campus 2.In-person training sessions 3.Online taped training 4.Online users community 5.Users groups

7 TIMELINE JULY 1: Email tool access -Alumni departments on each campus -Schools and colleges on each campus JULY 1: Online communities -System (alumni, donors, faculty/staff, students, parents and friends) -Each campus (alumni)

8 SCHOOL/COLLEGE OPTION 1 Chapter Pages – No annual site costs – Built within a campus site; contains all records – Applications are the same as the campus site – Events calendar is shared with all groups on the campus site – Options for departments are more limited – Content is customizable; managed by you

9 SCHOOL/COLLEGE OPTION 2 Satellite Site – Annual fees – Includes records specific to the school/college or department (exclusivity for alumni) – Unique applications and events module – Requires site management by school/college – More options for departments – Content on satellite level is static; requires Harris to modify

10 COSTS  $5,000 per year per satellite (cost savings at 11 satellites)  IMA accounts $1,500 set up fee (cost savings at 6 IMAs)

11 CONCLUSION  Centralized tools and support  Decentralized communications  Achieve the goals: 1.Robust e-mail application 2.Effective communications 3.New, good data 4.Collaboration and cross-promotion


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